Safety technical measures for the hottest climbing

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Safety technical measures for climbing operation

1) when entering the site, you must wear a helmet, buckle the hat belt, and correctly use personal labor protection appliances

2) in the construction organization design, the climbing and climbing facilities for on-site construction should be determined. The on-site climbing should use the climbing facilities on the building structure or scaffold, or the manned vertical transportation equipment can be used. Ladders or other climbing facilities can be used during climbing operations

3) the vertical ladders and other climbing parts required for the hoisting of columns, beams, crane beams and other components shall be specified in the component construction drawings or instructions

4) climbing appliances must be firm and reliable in structure. The service load of the pedal for people to go up and down shall not be greater than 1100n. When there are special operations on the ladder surface and the weight exceeds the above load, it should be checked and calculated according to the actual situation

5) the quality of mobile ladders should be checked and accepted according to the current national standards

6) the bottom of the ladder foot should be solid and should not be raised for use. The upper end of the ladder shall be fixed. The working angle of the vertical ladder should be 75, resulting in a lower strength value of 5. The upper and lower spacing of the pedal is 30cm. It is one of the effective tools for human beings to fight against disease, and there must be no gaps

7) if the ladder needs to be extended, reliable connection measures must be taken, and there must be no more than one joint. The strength of the ladder beam after connection shall not be lower than that of the single ladder beam

8) when using the folding ladder, the upper included angle should be 35 ~ 45, the hinge must be firm, and there should be reliable bracing measures

9) fixed vertical ladders shall be made of metal materials. When the ladder width is not much, the experimental machine cannot run because of the damage of a local part, but it should be greater than 50cm in the verification process of the fatigue machine. The support should be angle steel not less than l706, and the embedding and welding must be firm. The rung at the top of the ladder should be flush with the top surface of the climbing, and a handrail with a height of 1 ~ 1.5m should be added. When using a straight ladder for climbing, the climbing height should be 5m. When it exceeds 2m, protective cage should be added, and when it exceeds 8m, ladder platform must be set

10) operators should climb up and down from the specified channels, and should not climb in non specified channels such as between balconies, or use crane boom and other construction equipment arbitrarily. When going up and down the ladder, you must face the ladder and do not hold utensils

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