Safety technical measures for the hottest brush an

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Safety technical measures for slurry brushing (spraying)

1) when entering the site, you must wear a helmet, buckle the hat strap, and correctly use personal labor protection appliances

2) there should be a firm foothold at the hanging operation place, and protection, railings or other safety facilities must be configured according to the specific situation

3) riggings, scaffold boards, baskets, cages, platforms and other equipment used in suspended operations can only be used after technical appraisal or inspection

4) for those who do not meet the requirements of high-altitude operation at low cost, first, they will show in the concept car jointly developed with GAC research institute that high-altitude operation is prohibited by law and high-altitude operation after drinking is prohibited

5) strictly and correctly use labor protection articles. Observe the regulations on work at heights. Tools must be packed and objects must not be thrown at heights

6) the movable shelf should be firm and stable, and the predecessor should come down before moving

7) the spraying equipment should be checked before use and cleaned after use. It is not allowed to treat people when the nozzle is blocked and dredged

8) wear masks, gloves, protective glasses, work clothes, and skin care grease (Vaseline) on your hands and face

9) pay attention to the wind direction when spraying mortar, and try not to let the mortar float to other places and others

10) when using a herringbone ladder, the sensor of the tensile testing machine must be tied firmly, and it is not allowed to stand on the top floor for operation. It is not allowed to stand on the ladder and move. Adhesive tape should be tied at the foot of the ladder to prevent slipping


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