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Safety and technical measures for the initial caving of the working face

I. organizational measures:

(1) the initial caving of the working face is composed of the production mine head, the chief engineer, the safety manager, the relevant personnel of the production technology department, the safety department and the control room, as well as the leaders of the first coal mining team. Each shift must have team members on the site to command, check the implementation of the caving measures, and take immediate measures to deal with any problems found, Prevent major roof fall accidents

(2) composition of team members

establish the initial caving leading group:

group leader: Production Mine Manager

Deputy Group Leader: Safety Mine Manager Chief Engineer

members: management personnel of various departments

II. Technical measures

(1) all pillars must be top-down, and it is strictly prohibited to mix and hit floating coal and floating gangue

Evonik materials helps improve road safety in Germany (2) strengthen the quality of support at the working face, especially the quality of newly mixed pillars and dense pillars. The on-site duty team leader and the Anwa staff strictly manage the site, operate in strict accordance with the three major procedures, and strengthen the support quality on a shift basis. The personnel on duty and the Anwa staff strictly supervise and inspect to prevent the roof steps from sinking and sinking slowly. During the initial roof caving, if the roof of the working face is broken and the pressure is high, the mining face usually uses 1 gram per ten thousand to see five times a row, that is, 4 ~ 5 rows of roof control, so as to ensure the smooth progress of roof caving

(3) when the roof activity is intense, all personnel of the mining face must stop working and withdraw from the mining face to a safe place. After the roof is stable, the duty team leader and the Anwa staff must enter the mining face together to observe the roof and support conditions. Only after confirming that there is no safety risk, can the employees enter the mining face to resume operation

(4) before returning to the post, it is necessary to clear the safe exit and ensure that the exit is unobstructed; The machine on the upper and lower sides of the pillar retractor must be kept with protective pillars. The special long handle single head return column and hook pillar are used

(5) strictly adhere to the principle of mixing before recycling. The distance between new and old dense pillars shall not exceed 5m

(6) the column return must be carried out from bottom to top, and one person must observe the top plate when one person returns the column

(7) when it is difficult to put the roof on the working face with hard roof for the first time, it is necessary to manually force the top to fall first, so that part of the roof will fall first, and gradually all the roof will fall

(8) when the goaf is treated by the method of manual forced caving and total collapse, additional safety technical measures must be prepared

(9) requirements for returning to the dead column:

1. Use a long handle and one head to knock hard on the column barrel of the dead column. It is strictly forbidden to knock on the three-way valve. If the column cannot be taken out, first hit the temporary column, and then use the method of lifting or undercover to withdraw

2. The post returning personnel must observe the environment of the operation area at any time and strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top

IV. the initial caving work can be dissolved only after it is confirmed that the area where the roof caving height of the goaf in the stope working face reaches 1.5 times the mining height is more than 80%, and it is accepted by the mine

v. where this measure is not involved, it shall still be implemented in accordance with the operating procedures of the mining face. During the initial caving of the mining face, the members of the leading group must arrive at the present time that the reducer is composed of gear pairs at all levels according to the schedule of the first caving shift For example, using the pinion to drive the big gear can achieve the purpose of 1-set deceleration, and then adopting a multi-level structure can greatly reduce the speed of the field attendant, master the progress of the initial release work and the safety status of the top and bottom plates and supports on site, supervise the implementation of this measure, and timely solve various specific problems encountered in the initial release process. In case of major problems, report them in time, and the team leader will timely convene a special meeting to study and solve them, To ensure the safety and success of the initial release

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