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Safety technical measures for installing supports and chutes

1. Outline

72401 the task face becomes longer in the mining process, because the face length does not tend to become shorter in the forward driving process. According to the requirements of the mine, it is necessary to add supports to the upper mouth of the task face, and the scraper escort machine on the task face needs to add chutes. In order to ensure that the supports and chute devices stop smoothly and that the on-site construction staff are safe, this technical safety method is specially formulated

2. Primary construction method

(I) preparation task

1. After the roof at the beginning of the existing track is completed, four lifting bolts are used for support unloading, and the bolts are used Φ 20 2000mm anchor rod, the row spacing is 17003000mm, and the anchor rod adopts Ф 20l2000mm left-handed ribbed steel without longitudinal reinforcement and other strong bolts, each bolt hole is injected with one ck2350 resin roll, the exposed length of the bolt is 100mm ~ 150 mm, and the pull-out force of the bolt is not less than 80KN. The external wall of the building should be given priority to adopt the external wall internal insulation system. After the bolt nut is tightened twice, the torque is 250N m ~ 300N m

2. After the support and chute car are lowered into the well, they are responsible for transporting the support from -500 West No.3 car park to the inner section of the information channel, and then using two 75kW winches of the information channel to transport it inward. After reaching the end of the track, they are directly pulled inward to the assembly address by 20t pillar returning machine at the inner end

3. The 410m of the footage point of the data channel is the assembly address of the support (behind the 75 winch at the inner end of the data channel). The assembly support address ensures that the middle height of the roadway is not less than 2.7m, and the roof lifting point adopts Φ 18.9 6250mm anchor cables (4 pieces), and the row spacing between anchor cables is required to be 17003000mm. Each anchor cable is hung with a 220 anchor chain and tightened with a common lock for hanging chain block. Each anchor cable hole is injected with a ck2350 resin roll, a z2370 resin roll, and the ck2350 resin roll is on the top. The preload is 100 ~ 120 kn, and the exposed length of the anchor cable is controlled at 150 ~ 250mm

(II) device support

after the device support is transported to the beginning of the data channel track, use two 5T chain hoists to jointly take the support down to the lower side of the track, select the lifting point on the common lifting bolt of the top plate, and use the 20t pillar retractor at the top of the task surface to directly pull the support to the rear assembly chamber of the 75kW winch of the data channel for assembly. The process is as follows:

① device column upper pin:

1). First pull the column upper pin out of the column, then hang it on the lifting anchor cable with 5T chain block, bind it to the middle pipe of the column with 12.5mm steel wire rope head, and then connect it with the hook head

2). Supply liquid to the support, lift and lower the column, and work together with the chain block to move the upper pin of the column into the upper pin socket of the front beam column. Then pull out the stopper and cross pin

② for the pin of the equalizing Jack:

use the ball valve to connect the emulsion pump to supply liquid to the equalizing jack, so that the equalizing Jack gradually extends, and then use a drill rod with a length of 2m to drag the equalizing Jack. On both sides of the support, a person on one side lifts the equalizing jack, so that the pin of the equalizing Jack and the requirements for plastic technology will also be more strict. The hole will be aligned with the pin seat on the front beam, put on the pin, and the upper pin and open pin

③ device support front beam and protective beam pin

the construction personnel pull out the chain block and jointly balance the expansion and contraction of the jack, so that the front beam is opposite to the pin hole of the base protective beam, and use a 1.0m sharp drill to move the front beam to align the front beam with the pin hole of the protective beam, put on the hinge pin from both sides, and put on the retaining iron

④. Connect the support pipeline and adjust the support:

connect the pipeline removed when the original collapse of the support, supply liquid to the support, reduce the support to the lowest height, and put the side guard in place

⑤ after the support is assembled, hit the lower side of the data channel, wait for the task surface to be pushed to the support position after the liquid supply is raised, and then delay laying and bolting on the roof of the support range without anchor beam at the upper mouth of the task surface to stop the support, and use Φ 20 2000mm anchor rods, with a row spacing of 900 900mm, are paved with diamond shaped metal support roof, with a specification of length and width =51.2m. The single support will be removed after the roof support is completed

⑥ after the road is unobstructed, take a single body to hit the support base towards the goaf target, and hit the support to the top cutting line

⑦ raise the support column to make the support connect with the top plate

⑧. The support monomer must be tied with an anti falling rope, and the anti falling rope hook must be hung on the two steel belts of the roadway. When adopting the long-distance liquid supply system, the staff hide 5 meters away from the front side of the cable car with the support to be added at the interval. Before the long-distance liquid supply, the staff must check whether the liquid injection gun binding is safe and reliable

⑨ turn over the lower side guard after the support device is in place. The base of the support must be level with the bottom edge of the chute to ensure that the support can be smoothly connected with the scraper escort

(III) device chute

1. The primary construction step

escort the chute to the 97 # frame → open the drawer → pinch the upper chain and bottom chain → remove the 96 # frame upward moving frame for continuous discussion → hit the chute to the target at the tail → add the chute → close the gantry at the tail chute → connect the bottom chain and upper chain

2. The primary construction method

1. After the tail of the night shift coal machine is cut through, the coal machine is placed on the 80 # frame.There is no missing address on the downward top plate. 80 . The night shift delayed opening the 800 scraper escort

2. Delay the removal of the obstacle monomer in order to escort the chute in place

3. From the tail of the machine to the upper side of the data channel, ensure that the bottom plate of the undercover is flush with the bottom of the 800 yo Zi machine tail, so as to hit the Yo Zi machine tail to the upper side of the data channel

4. The scraper escort machine is powered off and locked, and it is listed and guarded by a specially assigned person

5. Two 5T chain hoists are used together, one in front and the other in front. The lifting point is selected at the lifting point formed by the hinged top beam and 220 chain and the lifting nose under the top beam of the tail support, and the chute is hoisted across the tail to the installation address of the scraper escort machine

6. Power on the scraper escort machine, run the scraper escort machine, and escort the chute to the chute of 98 . Power off and lock the scraper escort, lift the chute to the side of the coal wall and place it firmly and stably to prevent sliding

7. Open the 97# chute drawer, power on the 800 chute, run the scraper escort machine, find the double serrated ring in the 97# chute drawer, power off and lock the scraper escort machine, and use φ 15.5mm steel wire rope head or 220 chain common Kalan bolt will firmly fix the transportation bottom chain on the 96# rack pin row

8. Use two 3.15m monomers to work together with each other, and adopt the method of long-distance liquid supply to pinch the upper chain of the scraper escort under the chute of the 97 # frame. utilize φ 15.5mm steel wire rope head or 220 chain common Kalan bolt will firmly fix the upper chain on the surrounding pin row

9. Remove the dumbbell pin between 97 # and 98 # and remove the 98 # frame to the tail of the machine

10. Use the monomer of 3.15m to supply liquid at a long distance to hit the chute from the 98 \y frame to the tail section towards the target of the tail mark, subject to the interval of adding the chute. One end of the monomer is on the base of the support, and the other end is on the connection between the chute and the frame

11. Slowly and stably release the chain block. Through the joint action of two chain blocks, place the chute in the space made by the single body and install 800 chutes

12. Use two 3.15m monomers together, adopt the method of long-distance liquid supply, and drive the chute from 98 # frame to the tail section downward, so that 70 # frame chute and 69 # frame chute close the gantry

13. Turn the 800 scraper escort upside down, and remove the steel wire rope head and Kalan bolt that are firmly chained above. Connect the bottom chain. Closed 97# rack chute drawer

14, 800 scraper walkers turn forward and tighten the bottom chain. 800 scraper escort machine is powered off and locked. Two 3.15m monomers are used together to connect the scraper escort machine to the chain

15. Install the pin row between the chute after closing the gantry, the dumbbell pin and the solid square splint between the cable trough. Discuss the tail section

3. Technical safety measures

(I) chute and support transportation and handling of falling tracks technical safety measures

1. Before the winch is operated, the winch company secretly stops checking the wire rope, brake handle, brake skin and ground anchor bolt of the winch, and handles the results in a timely manner, ensuring that the winch wire rope has no wire breakage and overrun environment, and must be replaced in a timely manner when there is wire breakage and overrun. The insertion length of wire rope hook shall not be less than 3.5 lay lengths, and the Yuanbao card at the wire rope hook must be tightened

2. Before the winch operates, the signalman should stop checking the signals to ensure that the signals are flexible, reliable and intact. The safety measures to protect staff should stop checking all the safety measures (safety door and car catcher) within the inclined lane to ensure that the safety measures are complete

3. Full time winch drivers and signal workers should be equipped. During the construction period, the winch company secretly kept focusing on vision, heard the signals clearly, and stopped the operation accurately. During the operation of the winch, the winch driver should pay attention to the surrounding entanglement environment of the winch rope at any time to prevent the rope from biting or wrapping outside the drum

4. When transporting support components and chutes, only one vehicle can be connected at a time, and it is strictly forbidden to exceed the trailer

5. When the winch is running, no one is allowed in the rope way, and the person in charge of the construction shall place a special person to set warning

6. Before using the column returning machine, stop checking the steel wire rope, brake shoe, acousto-optic signal and "four pressure and two welcome" column of the column returning machine, and deal with it in time if you find the results. And stop the secondary fluid replenishment for the "four pressures and two encountering" column, and ensure that the initial support force is not less than 11.5MPa

7. When transporting the support components, control the running speed of the train to ensure that the operation can also extend the service life of the equipment, and the speed is uniform. Sudden braking is strictly prohibited. Focus on your eyesight. If you find abnormal scenes such as stuck or unable to pull, you should park and check immediately. Deal with the sustainable hook in front

8. During the operation of the winch and pillar retractor, strictly implement the regulations of "driving is not allowed, and pedestrians are not allowed to drive". The signal regulations are: one stop, two pull, three loose, four pedestrians. The driver and the signal worker must use reliable and accurate sound and light signals to contact, and it is strictly prohibited to operate the winch when the signal is unclear

9. When the train is running, it is strictly forbidden to delay opening the Enron door

10. When handling the falling track in the inclined lane, the winch should take a tight rope, first take the lower wheelset to the track, and then take the upper wheelset to the track. During taking the track, the lower part of the vehicle shall be padded with track logs at any time. It is strictly forbidden to do tasks related to taking the road around the vehicle falling off the road. Both sides of the vehicle taking the road should rise and fall at the same time, and a special person should be assigned to supervise the balance of the support, so as to prevent the deflection of the support

11. The support should be equipped with a set of things, including 2 5T chain blocks, 3 4.1T stirrups, 2 steel wire rope heads with a diameter of 15.5mm (one for 4m and 2m respectively), and 2 steel wire rope heads with a diameter of 21.5mm

12. Before taking the road, the construction person in charge should check the things taken to ensure that there is no lack of reliability. The construction person in charge should understand the division of labor and be specific to people. The head of the main sub district or the team leader should follow the Tao taking methods and adopt accurate and effective Tao taking methods according to the detailed environment of the site

13. During construction, it is necessary to have the instructions of the head of the main sub district or the team leader, assign a special person to construct and supervise, and pay attention to the upper environment of the support at all times. It is strictly forbidden to stand on both sides of the support with construction related staff, so as to prevent the deflection of the support and the accumulation of amino acids, which has also formed a wide range of utilization in other fields

14. The steel wire rope must be tightened when taking the lane in the inclined lane. At the same time, the rope head with a diameter of 21.5mm must be used to firmly fix the vehicle on the track to prevent the vehicle from sliding down

15. No one is allowed under the support when taking the road in the inclined lane

16. In the process of taking the road, a special person should be assigned to monitor and observe the binding environment of vehicles on the road in a timely manner. In case of abnormal environment such as vehicle inclination, east-west inclination of taking the road, loose binding of supports, etc., the construction must be stopped in a timely manner

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