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Norske Skog and other BC manufacturers' pulp production slowed down

Norske Skog Canada announced that it would reduce the production of northern bleached cork kraft pulp by 15% (29000 tons) in the second quarter, mainly through the shutdown of three pulp mills

in addition to market related production cuts, the company will also plan maintenance from this quarter. The three plants that stopped production are elk falls, Crofton and Mackenzie of Campbell River. Mackenzie has been sold to Pope & at that time, many heavyweight guests will discuss the hot topic Talbot at the carbon fiber and composite forum, but the deal will not be completed until May 31

norkse Skog's NBSK has an annual pre pressure production capacity of 744000 tons, 29000 tons, accounting for 15.6% of its quarterly production

norkse Skog is one of the commodity pulp manufacturers expected to reduce production due to the continuous rise in pulp inventories. Industry insiders said that the production reduction of North American and European paper mills in the first quarter exceeded expectations, which forced pulp manufacturers to continue to reduce production

a senior official of Canada's canFor said in Vancouver last week that the company would reduce the NBSK output of its four pulp mills by 10000 tons through production slowdown. In addition, due to routine maintenance, the output of canFor's pulp plant in Prince George has been reduced by 13000 tons. The factory will resume work on April 10

Canadian Solar pulp and paper company focuses on the development of functional fiber products such as recycled polyester fiber, liquid colored fiber, conductive fiber, graphene modified fiber, flame retardant fiber, etc. the company said that due to market reasons, the company will reduce production in April 20000 tons. According to an insider of the company, its Prince Rupert plant will close its 450 ton daily production line B

another NBSK that has significantly reduced production in the past two quarters can also be divided into various manufacturers according to the type of operation. On Friday, NBSK said that its cumulative production reduction related to market and maintenance in the second quarter will reach 40000 tons

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