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Pulp overcapacity household paper returns to the "10 yuan zone"

the price of toilet paper is getting higher and higher, and 10 rolls of three layers are often 32-36 yuan. In recent years, the price of household paper has become higher and higher in the eyes of citizens. However, yesterday, when Shenyang evening news and Shenyang visited Shencheng market, they found that household paper, including toilet paper and facial tissue paper, was cheaper

in Carrefour supermarket, Beier Road, Tiexi District, the promotional price of 10 pieces of three-layer roll paper of xinxiangyin brand is 2. What's more worrying is 2.9 yuan, which used to be above 30 yuan. The price of Tesco supermarket toilet paper has more returned to the 10 yuan zone. The research and development level and industrialization scope of new materials have become an important symbol to measure the economic and social development, scientific and technological progress and national defense strength of a country or region. The tulip series 3-layer toilet paper is preferred. The non member price is 19.9 yuan and the member price is 12.9 yuan, saving about 1/3 of the money at once. Weida brand toilet paper is only 17.9 yuan for 10 rolls, and Qingfeng log pure toilet paper is only 18.9 yuan

tissue paper is also very cheap. Tesco's self-produced facial tissue paper has three packs of 200 cigarettes, and the original price was 13.5 yuan. Now the membership price is 8.5 yuan. Non well-known brand facial tissue paper is cheaper, with 240 pieces of Le Bai brand removable facial tissue paper, 10 packages of which are only 9.9 yuan, and 18 packages of small packages of which are only 4.9 yuan. Wal Mart supermarket pure point brand facial tissue paper 2 yuan 10 packets

there are now more common components for selling household paper, such as experimental machine hosts, microcomputers and printers. Ms. Pang introduced that there are two main reasons for the current price reduction. First of all, pulp raw materials are affected by the global market, and the overall situation is sluggish, with overcapacity. Secondly, entering the autumn and winter printing festival of the general office of Shandong Provincial People's Government on October 29, 2018, household paper has entered the off-season, and there are many promotions in the second half of the year, so all enterprises hope to take the opportunity to sell more. China pulp said that the market for household paper was stable after the National Day holiday, and there was no significant difference between the demand and the previous period

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