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The pulp and paper laboratory has become a first-class research center in China. The State Key Laboratory of pulp and paper engineering is a sub project loaned by the world bank. It is the only State Key Laboratory in China's light industry system. In June, 1989, the science and Technology Department of the National Planning Commission confirmed the establishment of the project, and the construction began in 1991. The world bank loan line of the project was 1.25 million US dollars, and the RMB supporting fee of the project was 8.4 million yuan, which was provided by South China University of technology and supported by the Guangdong provincial government. The construction area of the laboratory is 3344 square meters, the original instrument and equipment are worth 1million yuan, the newly imported instrument and equipment is 1.1 million dollars, and the newly increased domestic instruments and pilot test systems are 4.02 million yuan. It is understood that the

laboratory has attracted and concentrated first-class excellent scholars at home and abroad. In section 15 Provide professional users with standard adding programmers to carry out high-level basic research and applied basic research in key fields of software technology and major projects of the national economy. Cultivate high-level scientific and technological talents such as masters, doctors and post doctors. The laboratory has become a first-class pulp and paper engineering and Research Center in China

composition and functions of the laboratory

plant resource chemistry laboratory: conduct research on the pulping and papermaking characteristics of non wood fast-growing wood and recycled fiber, lignin, and the comprehensive utilization of pulping wastewater (liquid)

pulping strengthen policy support and plan guidance chemistry and environmental protection laboratory: conduct pulping chemical mechanism, high yield pulping, new pulping technology, pulping and bleaching biotechnology Research on waste (white) water treatment and reuse

pulp and paper equipment process computer simulation and control laboratory: conduct research on medium and high consistency pulp pulping technology and device, medium and high consistency pulp pollution-free bleaching pilot system and device, pulp and paper process computer simulation and control, etc

papermaking technology and special paper research room: Research on new technologies of papermaking process, high-efficiency paper forming technology, processing paper, military supporting paper, special synthetic paper new technologies and series products

test technology room: Test and analyze fibers, hemicellulose, lignin, pulping chemicals, pulping wastewater (liquid), papermaking white water, papermaking additives, spectral and chromatographic analysis, ISO standard paper performance measurement, etc

not only reduce the pollution to the environment, but also the technical reference room: there are relatively new Chinese and English textbooks at home and abroad, domestic and foreign pulp and paper periodicals, large international conference collections of pulp and paper technology, product technology introductions of foreign pulp and paper companies, etc. for reference

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