The hottest pulp bull market is expected to contin

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Pulp bull market is expected to continue until 2013

since 2010, the international pulp price has continued to rise, with the price per ton rising by $30 to $50 in the past may. At the beginning of June, 2009, the price of northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) in the North American market with protective covers was about US $640. So far, the price of NBSK in North America has risen to US $1000 per ton, with an annual increase of more than 56%, while the price of NBSK in the Chinese market has also exceeded US $870 per ton

according to overseas media reports, a very important reason for the sharp rise in international pulp this year is the Chilean earthquake in late February, which led to the shutdown of about 4million tons of pulp. The export of Chilean pulp accounts for about 8% of the global market, and more than 10% of China's pulp is imported from Chile. In addition, the strike in Swedish paper mills in mid April and the equipment maintenance of pulp mills in Europe and the United States also have a certain impact on the global pulp supply

market participants believe that the current situation of insufficient inventory in the global pulp market is still difficult to change in June, because even if Chilean pulp mills resume production in June, it will take more than a month for their pulp to be transported to paper mills around the world, and the 1million ton/year pulp production line built by April Indonesia in Shandong Rizhao will not start until the third quarter. Therefore, experts predict that the international pulp supply will gradually increase in July, and the pulp price may be reduced by 15%-20% from the high point, but it will still rise after that. In the long run, the pulp bull market is expected to continue until 2013

supermarkets have received the notice of price increase from toilet paper manufacturers

many supermarkets in Beijing said that they had received the notice of price increase from Vida, Qingfeng, xinxiangyin and small and medium-sized manufacturers in the middle of last month. Although the price has not been officially adjusted at present, most brands no longer engage in promotional activities

in China Resources Wanjia supermarket, about 30% of shoppers bought various brands of household paper, such as roll paper, tissue paper, etc. Some citizens said that they had heard that the price of toilet paper would rise, so they hurried to buy more

a young couple said that the children at home are small and paper consumption is very expensive. If there is a special price in the supermarket, buy more bags. Anyway, the toilet paper will not deteriorate after a long storage time, and they will not open it if they store more. They are afraid of sending out the thinnest can body, can cover and aluminum foil blanks on the market. According to the person in charge of the supermarket, a jierou 12 roll paper in the store is being promoted recently, and its sales volume has indeed increased significantly. At the beginning of last month, the daily sales volume of 10 roll toilet paper was only a dozen bags, but these days, more than 40 bags can be sold every day, and it must be replenished every day

from Wumart, Carrefour, China Resources Vanguard and other supermarkets, they have received price increases from small and medium-sized manufacturers such as Vader, Qingfeng, xinxiangyin and jierou, mainly in roll paper products, with an increase of about 10%. The person in charge of a supermarket said: it is said that the price will rise at the end of last month, but in fact, the price has not been officially raised yet, but the promotional activities have been reduced. It is estimated that the price will rise when the inventory is consumed

the person in charge of Wumart supermarket said that at the end of last month, he received the notice of price increase from Vida and Qingfeng, because the price of raw materials increased by 8.5%. Later, it was learned from other supermarkets that the price adjustment was not a full price increase for all commodities. For example, Qingfeng only raises the price of rolled paper, and does not involve drawing paper. A Beijing salesperson from Weida said that the price increase of Weida only involved 10% of the goods, and the price increase was about 8%. According to the selling price of supermarket roll paper ranging from 20 yuan to 30 yuan per lift, the price increase of toilet paper is about 2 to 3 yuan per lift

in meilianmei supermarket, compared with the excitement of many promotional price tags posted in the "toilet paper area in the past, it has obviously become deserted. In the paper extraction area, only 3 of more than 40 paper towels are being promoted. In the area where the electronic tension tester for roll paper adopts the floor type, there are only three layers of xinxiangyin soft skin, Weida blue and white porcelain, Shujie and a Mayflower at special prices. After the price is reduced by about 6 yuan, the price of roll paper of these brands is still at a high price of about 21 yuan to 26 yuan

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