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Pulp molding materials will be widely used in the packaging industry

due to the continuous strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, pulp molding materials with the characteristics of resource saving, low pollution and recyclability will be widely used in the packaging industry

pulp molding material is a kind of cushioning material formed by pressing after waste paper is made into pulp. In addition, the material of this part is a sandwich material with metal properties and toughness. Its application scope includes food containers, beverage cup holders, medical equipment, instrument materials, cosmetics, agricultural materials, fruit trays, seedling cups, mechanical parts, hardware tools, hand tools for fund injection and market-oriented recruitment through guidance, transportation equipment, garden tools, household accessories, handicrafts, toys and cultural and educational supplies, musical instruments, sporting goods, electronic products, computers and peripheral equipment, electrical products Communication equipment and audio equipment

now, European and American countries have successively legislated to require the use of green packaging materials or recyclable packaging materials

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