The hottest pulp price increase in Taiwan

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Pulp price rise in Taiwan

North America and Northern Europe (norscan) announced that the pulp inventory in September was 1 lower than that in August, with higher activity, better surface properties and better UV stability of 85000 metric tons, with a total inventory of 1549000 metric tons; People in the pulp industry in Taiwan said that due to the increased demand, the large pulp mills in the United States and Canada raised the pulp price quite smoothly in October. Therefore, after the pulp price in Taiwan was increased by $10 per metric ton last month, the price per metric ton was increased by $20 in October

pulp and paper Weekly reported that five major pulp producing countries, including the United States, Canada, Norway, Finland and Sweden, continued to reduce production, with a production of 1.582 million metric tons in September, a decrease of 13% over the same period last year; The operating rate was 79%, down 3% from August; While the sales volume was 1.766 million metric tons, although it also decreased by 5.2%, it still increased slightly compared with the sales volume of more than 1.74 million metric tons in August. Among them, 454000 metric tons of pulp were sold to the United States, a decrease of 10.8% over the same period last year; 746000 metric tons were sold to Europe, an increase of 3.9; However, the sales to Asia and Africa reached 300000 metric tons, with an increase of 38.2%

Taiping paper pointed out that the world's largest pulp mills, including Huihao company of the United States, Domtar company of Canada, Fraser company of Canada and Baoshui company of the United States, successively announced to increase the price of long and short fiber wood pulp by between US dollars per metric ton in September; It is now the middle of October. With the technological progress of the domestic aluminum industry, the international pulp price has been rising quite smoothly. It has been determined that the pulp price has reversed from the bottom since the fourth quarter, and HRG will reverse the decline in pulp price since the fourth quarter of last year; The international pulp mills, which have suffered long-term losses, are also expected to reduce their losses

Huazhong paper and Taiping paper pointed out that in the continuous production reduction of international pulp mills, it can be seen from the gradual decline in the operating rate that the benefits of production reduction have appeared when pulp mills no longer cut prices and compete for sales; And global customers have changed their wait-and-see attitude and gradually resumed purchasing. Due to the relatively low international pulp price, it has fallen and cannot fall. On the other hand, market demand has increased, and there is room for the low-grade pulp price to rise; The establishment of rising prices in Europe and the United States has also led to rising prices in Asia; With the change of international market, following the increase of US $10 in the pulp price on the island in September, the price will be increased by another US $20 this month, and the selling price will vary according to the customer's order quantity, credit terms, and payment methods; As the price of main products is raised, it should have a positive significance to the operating losses

statement: July 25th, 2017

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