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Pulp agents have different views on the market

several agents operating in Asia and the Middle East said late last week that the pulp market was relatively flat in August following the increase in monthly purchases, but prices in the Middle East rose

when the market was waiting for positive signals, an agent said that although the business progress was slow in August, the prices of pulp and eucalyptus pulp produced in North America increased by $10/mt compared with July to reduce emissions

he said that the CNF price in August was as follows:

Northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) US $per metric ton

Southern bleached cork kraft pulp (SBSK) US $per metric ton

Southern bleached hardwood kraft pulp (sbhk) US $per metric ton

eucalyptus kraft pulp US $per metric ton

he said that the price of northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp (nbhk) was US $10 higher than sbhk per metric ton, In July, the price of hardwood pulp in North and South China was about US dollars/metric ton

compared with the previous delivery at cost price in exchange for cash when the price was at the bottom, he believes that the current position of pulp suppliers on price has been relatively tough

many suppliers sold inventory online in June and July, resulting in a reduction in the quantity available in August. "There is no doubt that the seller's inventory is low," he said Now the pulp they sell to users is newly produced or recently produced, while the pulp piled up in the port not long ago has been produced for several months. There are reports in Europe that the consumption of some paper varieties has increased, and he believes that "now is a good opportunity for market turnover"

Michel Valois, a pulp and paper analyst at Valois vision, said on Friday that if paper production increases in September and October, the pulp market may turn over soon

he pointed out that manufacturers in North America and Northern Europe (norscan) successfully maintained inventory stability in June and July. He said: "the manufacturer's production reduction is very large - I have to say that the inventory of 1.8 million metric tons (the total inventory of norscan in July) is not enough. Users may have to find a way to buy Pulp in the fourth quarter and the first quarter of next year."

however, the two agents operating in Asia are much more pessimistic about this

a Chinese agent said that the Chinese market is weakening. The price of NBSK in Canada is 390 US dollars/metric ton, with 90 day forward payment; In early August, this is the price of spot payment. The price of some Nordic pulps has fallen to 370 US dollars/metric ton, close to the New Zealand dollar and Pinus radiata from Chile; The price of Russian softwood pulp also fell from 370 US dollars/metric ton to US dollars/metric ton

the agent said that although the price hit a new low, the demand may be 1/3 lower than that in June, because buyers prematurely thought that the market had reached the bottom a few months ago and ordered a large amount of pulp at that time

he said, "now that the price is so low, they order less Canadian pulp than before, which is very interesting." He pointed out that users have been used to replacing Canadian pulp with other pulp with a price lower than $20/Mt. "if the price of Canadian pulp is raised again, its market share can meet the requirements of medical device companies for the expected performance of products, and the market share will further shrink."

the agent of a Japanese trading company pointed out that the quotation of Canadian NBSK in Asia was USD/mt, and the quotation of Chilean radial pine pulp was USD/Mt. he was worried that the price of Chilean pulp would continue to fall. He believes that although there is not much Canadian pulp on the market at present, the price may not rise in the next few months or even in the second half of the year due to the increase in production by Canadian manufacturers

the agent pointed out that due to the lack of pulping wood in Indonesia (which has led Asia Pulp and paper company app to terminate the external pulp supply), the price of hardwood pulp is "bound to rise". The current price of Indonesian hardwood pulp is USD/MT (closer to 370 USD/MT), up from USD/mt a month ago. He hasn't heard the price of 350 dollars/metric ton for two months

he also said that the activities of eucalyptus pulp suppliers in Asia have not been as active as before since they were sold in large quantities in June in US dollars/metric ton

as for Japan's demand, he believed that it was "slow but stable", and the number did not decline due to the economic downturn

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