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The paper industry in Guangdong Province is developing at an amazing speed

as far as the paper industry is concerned, due to the lack of production raw materials, Guangdong was originally a "small paper province". Except for Guangzhou paper mill, which has a certain scale, the rest are small factories. In the year before the reform and opening up (1978), the total output of paper and paperboard in the province was only 280000 tons

however, since the reform and opening up, the paper industry in Guangdong Province has developed rapidly. In 1997, the total output of paper and paperboard in the province has reached 2.9 million tons, more than 10 times that of 1978. In 1999, there were 329 paper-making enterprises in the province, with an annual production capacity of 3.5 million tons, an annual output of 3.2 million tons, and an opening rate of 91.4%. 2. The hydraulic jaw and ordinary jaw seem to be indistinguishable. Among them, Guangzhou paper mill has an annual output of 300000 tons of paper, It ranks second in the paper industry. With an annual output of 1million tons of corrugated box base paper, Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. is currently the largest production base of industrial paper in Chinese Mainland to ensure the safety of products. The 115g/m2 corrugated core paper produced by it is particularly a national example. The paper industry in Guangdong Province, in addition to the current output accounting for the second place in Chinese Mainland, (Shandong Province is the first), its industrial paper accounts for almost 70% of the output of the whole 4.0 Province, which is a unique phenomenon

looking forward to 2003, the paper production capacity of Guangdong Province will be expanded to 5.3 million tons, that is, an increase of 1.8 million tons. The speed of its development can be expressed by rotating the oil delivery valve with the word "divine speed" and adding force at a constant speed

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