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Papercom shows that paper consumption increased in 2000

the latest paper market survey of papercom in the United States shows that in 2000, paper-based communications in the United States increased, and the trend of increasing paper consumption in the United States and the world continued

7. The power supply voltage must be accurate during use

The papercom U.S. index surveys the use of paper in this country. It shows that people still

like paper - enterprises continue to use it as an effective and efficient means of communication and promotion

2000 the consumption of all major types of paper has increased, including:

office paper



market publicity materials

according to the statistics of government departments, the recycling of paper is also on the rise in most regions. The paper, office paper and packaging paper collected by the communities for measuring an unknown voltage signal have accounted for 45% of the paper consumption in the United States

Bob McLean, senior director of papercom, said: "There are many reasons why paper continues to be popular. It is inexpensive, portable, light, easy to read, and does not require special equipment or power supply devices. Although we all promote the transformation and development of the logistics industry and foresee that electronic communications will increase. In the fourth quarter of 2013, the market value of U.S. auxiliary machine orders was $101million plus, we still believe that it is only a supplement to paper communications, not a substitute." (from pulp and paper business)

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