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Paper enterprises hope to "puff" to break through

Jiangsu Province proposed in 2006 that all straw cotton chemical pulping and waste paper production lines with an annual output of less than 50000 tons should be eliminated by the end of 2008

with the approaching of the deadline for chemical pulping and papermaking, many wheat straw chemical pulping and papermaking enterprises in the province began to seek breakthroughs. In early June, I learned from an interview in Xuzhou that at present, among the wheat straw chemical pulping and papermaking enterprises in the city, four paper mills have chosen expanded pulping and papermaking, and strive to use the expansion method to strive for the hope of survival

explosion pulping is a flash in the pan

Jiangsu Province is one of the provinces with relatively developed paper industry in the country. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, there were large-scale paper mills in some cities and counties in Northern Jiangsu, and the proportion of wheat straw chemical pulping was once as high as 80%. However, it is difficult for general materials to change their soft and hard properties after stable forming. The emergence of a large number of wheat straw chemical pulp and paper mills has sharply expanded the total amount of sewage. It is not uncommon for a paper mill to pollute a river

according to the interview, after 132 wheat straw chemical pulp and paper enterprises were shut down and eliminated in our province, we have been trying to find new ways for the remaining enterprises to reduce the total amount of sewage. In 2003, Xuzhou Duanzhuang paper mill introduced a blasting pulping production line from other provinces to replace wheat straw chemical pulping and papermaking. The introduction of this technology has changed the nature of papermaking and pulping in one fell swoop, changing from chemical pulping to physical pulping, reducing the total discharge of papermaking enterprises by about 75%

however, due to the strong explosion shock wave, the wheat straw fiber has been greatly damaged, resulting in the production of high-strength corrugated paper products are always unqualified. Although the total amount of sewage discharge was reduced, high-strength corrugated paper could not be sold, and the promotion of this pulping technology was soon aborted

blasting pulping technology has also left an indelible shadow on the environmental protection community in Jiangsu Province. The effect of expanded pulping is beginning to show

it is learned that the expanded pulping technology and process flow are roughly equivalent to the old blasting method, so will the shadow of the blasting method reappear

Xuzhou Tongshan Xingguang paper mill with an annual output of 50000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper, which has suffered from explosive pulping, is now the first paper-making enterprise in the province to apply expanded pulping technology. Chengguangzheng, the director of the factory, told us that in April 2005, the explosion pulping production line they invested more than 1million yuan to launch was soon abandoned. At the end of the same year, Xuzhou Huaqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. developed a new technology of expanded pulping. With a feeling of trial, Cheng Guangzheng decided to use expanded pulping to maintain papermaking production

unexpectedly, the expanded pulping production line made us taste the sweetness of physical pulping! Cheng Guangzheng happily calculated a set of data comparing with the chemical pulping in the past. After a year and a half of operation, the results showed that the expanded pulping production line had all the processing capacity of deformed aluminum, which could increase the pulping output by about 45 tons per day, while the pulping section operators saved 50%, and the power consumed by the expanded pulping was saved by 2/3; What's more gratifying is that after chemical pulping is changed to physical pulping, the amount of papermaking sewage is reduced by about 50%. Due to the elimination of the pharmaceutical cost of sewage treatment, the cost of wastewater treatment per ton reaching the standard is reduced by 40%. The high-strength corrugated paper blasted by the strong shock wave has been repeatedly tested by the relevant paper monitoring center of Xuzhou City, and it also shows that the quality is all up to the standard

this test result excited everyone in our factory. The successful application of expanded pulping technology means that our factory has the hope of survival! Cheng Guangzheng revealed that in order to achieve the goal of zero discharge of papermaking wastewater as soon as possible, this year, the factory invested more than 3 million yuan to carry out large-scale transformation of the original papermaking section and sewage treatment system, and added new processes such as fiber recycling and filtration system to return the treated wastewater to the production process for recycling. At present, the zero discharge project of papermaking wastewater has been commissioned for more than 40 days

expansion technology conquers the soft rib

then, how does expansion method conquer the soft rib of blasting method

Caiwenqing, a staff member of Xuzhou Huaqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., told that as early as 1995, they had learned from and digested the tobacco stalk expansion technology of the tobacco industry, and began to devote themselves to the key problem of expansion pulping technology when the total amount of input exceeded 50000 kg

compared with the explosion method, although the expansion method also uses high-pressure saturated steam as the blasting power, the steam pressure is changed from the original 16 kg to about 8 kg. In addition, the sales of wheat straw expansion digester independently developed by the company reached 74billion euros in 2013, so that pulping wheat straw can be well expanded, and wheat straw fiber has not been damaged, thus effectively reducing the total amount of sewage discharge, At the same time, the quality of high-strength corrugated paper is guaranteed. Caiwenqing said

according to the local environmental protection bureau, when Xuzhou Tongshan Xingguang paper mill was successfully put into operation for one year and achieved remarkable results, Sunzhuang paper mill of Jiangsu Xinxin group swung a sledgehammer to flatten the chemical pulping tank for the second time, launched the first phase of expanded pulping with an annual output of 70000 tons, and installed the second phase of expanded pulping at the beginning of this year. It is expected that the paper production of expanded pulping can be operated at full capacity in July

more chemical pulp and paper enterprises are also making choices, because they know that the deadline for the provincial government to eliminate all wheat straw chemical pulp and paper production lines is not far away

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