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The paper industry is expected to continue its quarterly trend of improvement on a quarter on quarter basis.

taking 22 listed papermaking companies as the representative, the comprehensive operation of the industry in the first half of the year can be counted. The results show that the performance of the paper industry in the first half of the year is still lower than that in the same period last year, but the ring on quarter has been greatly improved. In particular, in the second quarter, the recyclable waste plant fibers, waste wood powder in wood processing and used recycled plastics are beneficial to the full utilization of the environment and resources. With the advantages of wood and plastics, the industry turned losses into profits, and the net profit increased from -0.9 billion yuan in the first quarter to 445 million yuan. The relative error defined by the national norms remains to be discussed. The operating revenue increased by 28.4% month on month, and the comprehensive gross profit margin reached 17.73%, up 7.6 percentage points month on month. In terms of specific companies, the revenue and net profit of sun paper, Bohui paper, Chenming Paper and Huatai Co., Ltd. rose more significantly quarter by quarter

analysts believe that the positive trend of the paper industry will continue, mainly due to the continued recovery of gross profit margin and increased sales. In terms of gross profit margin, since the paper price has been rising since the second quarter, the frequency and range of price increases in July and August, there is a large expectation of price increases for white cardboard and coated paper in September, and the low-priced raw material inventory of production enterprises is large, the gross profit margin of the industry will increase significantly in the second half of the year. In terms of sales volume, since 2004, the production and sales volume of the industry has increased by 1. 5% quarter by quarter The software structure and function increased month on month. The quarterly output growth rate remained at about 20.6%, 0.3% and 5.58% respectively, and the sales growth rate remained at 23.47%, 0.39% and 7.01% respectively. This year's paper sales will continue the traditional trend higher than that in the first half of the year. If the economic environment continues to improve, the sales in the second half of the year will not rule out the possibility of exceeding expectations

analysts pointed out that the major economies in the world have hit the bottom and gradually turned to weak growth, the domestic economy has recovered, exports are also gradually recovering, and the demand of the paper industry will continue to rebound with the improvement of the macro environment. Coupled with the influence of seasonal factors, paper price increases and other factors, the performance will rebound quarter by quarter with great certainty, maintaining the investment rating of "cautious recommendation" of the industry. In the current situation of market shock adjustment and uncertain trend, analysts suggest that the allocation of paper industry with performance support, clear quarterly recovery trend and relatively low valuation can be increased, and it is suggested to pay attention to sun paper, Jinjia shares, Chenming Paper and Bohui paper

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