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Bangladesh's paper and packaging machinery market needs to be developed

Bangladesh's export objects have always been the United States and European Union countries, and its export projects are mainly textiles and clothing. However, in recent years, the economic downturn in the United States and European Union countries has led to a sharp decline in its textile export orders, which has frustrated Bangladesh's economic growth

the main industries in Bangladesh are papermaking and printing industries, while papermaking machinery and printing machinery are good for reducing labor intensity and improving product quality. Packaging machinery is a project to be developed

in order to revitalize the domestic economy, the Bangladeshi government has put forward many reform plans related to the disadvantages of excessive range of electronic universal machines, including encouraging foreign investment, reducing the import tariff of some products (some machines required for export orientation are exempted from import tariff), simplifying import and visa procedures, etc., which not only enhance the competitiveness of foreign products in the country, but also strengthen the convenience of foreign business travel in and out of Bangladesh

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