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Paperboard production line: drive into the three high speed Lane (II)

flexo offline pre printing technology

flexo (relief) printing, gravure printing, offset printing and silk printing are the four most common printing methods in the world, which have their own characteristics. Domestic flexographic printing technology started relatively late, but flexographic printing has its unique process and characteristics. It has emerged in the printing industry and is being promoted and popularized

in addition to the technological breakthroughs of ceramic rollers, plates and inks, flexographic printing has developed rapidly. Its own characteristics of low production cost, low investment, good environmental protection, high efficiency and convenient operation are all important reasons to attract the majority of printing enterprises. All parties hold a wait-and-see attitude towards this. Due to the needs of domestic printing enterprises and domestic raw materials, workers' technical level, process equipment, etc., well-known companies timely launched flexographic offline pre printing technology

flexo offline pre printing is to separate printing from the traditional integrated production line of pre printing and corrugation, so that printing and corrugation are not carried out on the same production line, which fundamentally changes the problems of high printing cost and low efficiency caused by small production orders in some printing enterprises. At the same time, appropriate improvements can be made according to the customers' original plate making and corrugated production lines to reduce customers' repeated investment, so that customers can pre print offline as long as they add flexographic printing and auxiliary equipment

less equipment investment: most of the previous flexographic printing equipment came from abroad, and a set of 8-color 1.5-meter-wide printing machine needs to invest at least 20million yuan. At present, the investment in a set of "Flexco" flexographic offline pre printing equipment accounts for only 10% - 15% of the investment in imported equipment. While the printing quality remains unchanged, it is more suitable to use domestic raw materials (ink, paper, etc.), and the maintenance is more convenient and the cost is greatly reduced

good environmental protection: gravure printing generally uses solvent to dilute ink, which not only volatilizes a large amount of solvent in the production process, but also consumes 1 ~ 2 times more power to dry than flexo printing. A little residue of printing solvent will produce peculiar smell, resulting in waste products and defective products. Flexographic printing adopts water-based ink that meets the international environmental protection requirements, so that there is no pollution in the production process, and the product qualification rate is also greatly improved. Non volatile environmental solvent is used in plate making, and environmental solvent recovery device is used to recover waste solvent, so as to minimize the pollution of solvent to nature

high printing quality: it is recommended to use a 1.14mm thick plate for precision offline pre printing, which can reach 150 lines/inch in normal production, and the ideal effect can still be achieved when printing on rough surface paper. Its printing quality has been comparable to offset printing and gravure printing, which can expand the scope of application of printing brushes and reduce production costs, compared with direct printing in corrugated (60 lines/inch ~ 80 lines/inch), It will not reduce the strength of corrugated and produce ribs due to the extrusion of corrugated plates. It is easy to operate and maintain, and the operator can achieve satisfactory printing effect without going step by step

low cost of flexo offline pre printing: flexo offline pre printing prints the pattern on the face paper before making corrugated, eliminating the extrusion of corrugated board, and reducing the requirements of face paper and core paper; It can save 18% - 22% of the cost of raw materials; The base weight of paperboard is reduced by about 15%. The printing effect of the same material using the offline pre printing technology will be more exquisite (generally, the direct printing on the corrugated board can only reach 60 lines/inch ~ 80 lines/inch, while the flexo offline pre printing can reach 150 lines/inch, or even higher)

the ink volume of gravure printing is 6 g/m2 ~ 8 g/m2, and the plate making time takes 2 weeks. Regardless of the size of the printed pattern, the whole plate roller needs to be made, while the ink volume of flexographic offline pre printing is only 2/3 of that of gravure printing, and the plate making cost is low. The plate making time is only 1-2 hours. The size of the pattern of flexographic offline pre printing is as large as the plate, which greatly saves the plate material cost

high efficiency of flexographic offline pre printing: Flexographic offline pre printing directly makes the printed face paper into corrugated, and can be connected with various processes such as glazing, eliminating the paper mounting process, greatly improving the production efficiency and reducing the scrap rate

automatic paste making system

the overall improvement of paperboard quality will bring an increase in order volume and market competitiveness to enterprises. To make low-cost and high-quality paperboard, we must use different formulas of glue according to different paper materials and glue environment. The backward process and equipment of traditional glue making can not meet the current market demand. The automatic pulping and pasting system began to emerge as a new glue making method, which promoted the process of full automation in the carton industry

take the zj-01 automatic pulping and pasting system innovated in Chengdu as an example. The system adopts advanced configuration automatic control technology. It is a man-machine dialogue operation interface based on Windows platform, and carries out data processing through ODBC connection. The automatic control department injects a little oil into the lifting screw rod, and uses the advanced FX2N series programmable controller of Mitsubishi company as the main logic controller. It is connected with Advantech industrial control computing 3) e programmer through the standard RS-232 serial communication interface, and uses the powerful and high-speed computing and data processing ability of the upper computer to analyze the formula function, historical data, real-time data, dynamic monitoring function Human machine dialogue, etc

in addition to a high degree of automation, it can help carton enterprises reduce and revolutionize the cost of replacing traditional insulation materials, improve efficiency, and play a role in managing product quality. Through actual calculation, with ordinary glue, the proportion of electricity in the cost is 1.5% - 1.7%; After using the automatic pulping and pasting system, the proportion of electricity charge in the cost is about 0.7% - 0.75%. No more additives are used in glue making, which can save 150000 ~ 200000 yuan per year, avoid the good and bad glue quality caused by human factors, make the operation of the production line more stable, completely solve the phenomena of blistering, corrugating and softening of paperboard, and greatly reduce the waste paperboard caused by poor adhesion, effectively reduce the scrap rate and reduce the cost of cartons

The superior functions of the new automatic pulping paste system are reflected in the following aspects:

the special device inside the system reduces the glue error from +s of manual glue making to +2s. The viscosity of the glue is stable and remains unchanged for a long time, and the permeability of the paste is also strengthened, which is significantly better than the use of additives. The amount of starch can be reduced by 10% - 20%

all raw materials are added automatically, and the error of the amount of raw materials added in each batch can be accurate to 5/10000. The glue temperature is controlled by the machine, which can ensure the quality of each batch of glue

different formulas of glue can be provided according to different glue points, heating conditions and changes of paper. One machine can make eight formulas of glue at the same time

a set of system can be used by two high-speed cardboard production lines with a speed of 150m/min ~ 200m/min at the same time; At the same time, it is used by four medium and low speed production lines with a speed of 80m/min ~ 100m/min; There is also a semi-automatic equipment for small factories. The price is low, but the speed of the production line can be appropriately increased

automatic cleaning tank system. After a can of glue is used, the system will automatically start the cleaning procedure to clean the glue can

perfect intelligent management report, cost control is relatively accurate and reliable. The system can calculate how much electricity, water and glue it uses in a month, and get the cost data, so that the enterprise can achieve the optimal management state

the pulping system is a typical complex integrating process, machinery and automatic control. It overcomes the shortcomings of inaccurate feeding and single formula caused by human factors in traditional glue making, and is a new breakthrough in traditional glue making technology

source: Global corrugated box industry

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