Trends of some domestic petrochemical enterprises

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Dynamics of some domestic petrochemical enterprises

based on this industry pain point, the Jinmin 3D R & D team of Maoming Petrochemical raised the ex factory price of PE materials by 200 yuan. The ex factory price of LDPE was 6010 yuan, the ex factory price of LLDPE was 5010 yuan, and the ex factory price of PP T30S remained unchanged at 5300 yuan

Panjin PS production line is changed to production. At present, Panjin Petrochemical maintains normal production. Panjin Petrochemical has changed its polystyrene production line to hips 825. Hips 825 has not set a new ex factory price, and GPPS 525 kept the quotation of 5200 yuan last week. HDPE 5070 is reported as 5450 yuan, PP F401 as 5200 yuan, and ABS ch510 as 7400 yuan. LLDPE production line is converted to HDPE drawing grade 5010. The quality of this brand is equivalent to 5000S. At present, the ex factory price is set at 5550 yuan

Taiwan Huayun completed the maintenance of ethylene storage tanks Taiwan Huayun storage company has completed the maintenance of its 10000 ton ethylene storage tanks in Kaohsiung. Due to the problem of one set of material transfer pump of the storage tank, the unloading capacity of the company was only 950 tons/day from November 1 to 16. A large number of DuPont Hongji new materials can adapt to urban development The 60 "overall supply and demand pattern of China's paper industry is still stable. We also use the experience we have learned from one industry. All ethylene users in Kaohsiung, Taiwan use this tank, including Huaxia plastic company, Formosa Plastics Group, Guoqiao petrochemical, lichangrong chemical, Donglian chemical, Delta and Taiwan styrene monomer company

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