The hottest man stole LED screens worth thousands

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The man stole the LED screen worth thousands of yuan and got 40 yuan from the sale. He was sentenced

the man stole the LED electronic display screen worth 2160 yuan and sold it as waste to make a profit of 40 yuan. After the Changsha Furong people's Procuratorate filed a public prosecution, recently, the Furong District People's court sentenced the defendant Li to six months' imprisonment for theft, suspended for one year, and fined 3000 yuan

the defendant, Mr. Li, has a poor family and makes a living by picking up and recycling waste products. At about 6:00 on June 21, 2017, when Li came out of his home with a scooter and walked to the Nanhu market on Xianghu Road, Furong district, Changsha, he saw that one side of an LED electronic display screen hanging on the door had fallen off, so he was greedy and wanted to steal it and sell it for money. So, while there was no one around, Li took advantage of the reason why the LED display screen on the door was removed, put it on the scooter and pulled it away. Later, Mr. Li sold the stolen goods to a waste collector at the price of 0.8 yuan a kilogram, making a total profit of 40 yuan

Li thought he was just pissing, and then waited for a certain time at the original speed to the original position. He stole "waste products" worth 40 yuan for welding materials, chemical catalysts, conductive paste when 5 printing paper stretched out for a period of time. Unexpectedly, he violated the criminal law. After the incident, Li pleaded guilty and expressed deep regret for his behavior. He also took the initiative to apologize to the victim and obtained the victim's understanding

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