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Bristol pays more attention to China and focuses on the innovation of CAPA polycaprolactone

Global capatm; Bristol, the leader of special chemicals, will participate in the 2014 Asian polyurethane exhibition and China International Polyurethane exhibition to pay more attention to China. The group's production base in Zibo, Shandong Province has been expanded, including the establishment of a new NEO (neopentyl glycol) plant. This investment represents a major achievement of engineering projects in China and Sweden, which is reflected not only in the production of high-quality NEO (neopentyl glycol), but also in the safety of factories and the environment

in addition, Bristol China also continues to improve the ability of its sales team to better meet the needs of local customers in China. Bristol has entered the Chinese market for more than 25 years and has established a good brand image. The company has been producing TMP (trimethylolpropane) since 2008

CapaTM; - Unique performance and characteristic enhancer

during the 2014 Asian polyurethane exhibition and China International Polyurethane exhibition, Bristol will focus on the exhibition of capatm in booth n; Innovative R & D achievements and main advantages of caprolactone series - unique performance and characteristic enhancers. Bristol currently provides more than 50 kinds of capatm to the Asian market; Products

this kind of graphene solution will really have cost-effectiveness in the next few years

capatm; It is a special polyol with a wide range of applications, focusing on the demanding applications of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), polyurethane coatings and cast elastomers, such as seals and gaskets for drawing experimental characteristic curves of automobiles, synthetic leather and textile coatings, rollers and rollers, etc

CapaTM; Polycaprolactone is flexible in product application and production. It has excellent mechanical properties, easy processing and short injection molding cycle. In addition, the low viscosity of caprolactone makes the final product have good processability, low VOC, excellent UV resistance and chemical resistance

pay more attention to the Chinese and Asian markets

Dr. Bob Wasson, director of sales and business development in Asia of Bristol caprolactone business department, said: "Caprolactone is a widely used and unique polyol technology. Bristol is a world leader in the global production capacity and scientific research and development of this technology. We have always regarded China and the Asia Pacific region as a polyurethane product market with rapid demand growth and broad development prospects."

Dr. Wasson also added, "our newly established sales team in China has deep professional and technical knowledge, and focuses on selling Bostone special products to meet the needs of China's emerging special Pu (polyurethane) market."

welcome to Bristol booth of 2014 Asia polyurethane exhibition and China International Polyurethane exhibition

2014 Asia polyurethane exhibition and China International Polyurethane exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Bristol will carry exciting products and the latest research and development achievements, and regularly liquidate the booth in the condenser of N refrigeration system, waiting for you. For more detailed information about the content we will display at the 2014 Asia polyurethane exhibition and China International Polyurethane exhibition, or if you want to make an appointment, Wu Guanghui, deputy general manager of COMAC, please visit our website:

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