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Manroland printcom pudekang printing materials help you reduce paper waste

paper accounts for the largest proportion of printing costs. This is why this simple formula holds: reducing paper waste is equal to reducing expenses. Manroland printcom pudekang printing material is a system component compatible with process, which can ensure customers to carry out stable and coordinated production and reduce paper consumption

overcapacity, increasingly fierce competition, increasing price pressure, higher raw material and energy costs, the development trend of short version printing, customers' expectations for high quality, positioning printing enterprises as the demands of service providers: enterprises can only keep up with these developments by constantly improving efficiency, and the potential for savings is everywhere

how does paper waste occur

How can printing enterprises control the proportion of waste sheets? On the one hand, paper waste has already occurred before printing. The paper is damaged due to improper handling, storage in the warehouse, transportation, or preparation for printing. Careful handling of these valuable goods helps to avoid losses. On the other hand, the factors affecting paper consumption in the printing process are more complex. Among them, the places where paper waste occurs include: machine calibration, restart of printing machine, production, shutdown, cleaning of ink roller and blanket, and post press operation. Process and printing materials. Therefore, this kind of dehumidification method is difficult to make the dew point temperature in the box below 0 ℃. The better the cooperation between operators, technology and process compatible system components, the more satisfactory the proportion of waste paper. For every 10% reduction in paper consumption, the printing cost structure can be improved by more than 5%

but how can we do it? There are many reasons for paper waste, such as ink balance, inking, rubbing and ghosting, restart after cleaning, or overprint. Each printing enterprise should analyze it according to its own situation. With the help of matrix calculator, the types of paper waste and influencing factors can be recorded, and the actual situation can be analyzed in detail, including determining a target value and making necessary improvements. Whether it is to carry out technical transformation of the printing machine, improve the automation level, speed up the printing preparation time as its name suggests, or add online color measurement and control devices, it will be helpful. Alternatively, success can be achieved by using other consumables and adding printer system components that match various types of production conditions. Printcom's product range covers a variety of service combinations in the field of chemical products and commercial food products. Pudekang printing materials are printing materials that have been tested and analyzed by Manroland, and can provide high-quality, process compatible system components for the whole printing process. This service has been for more than 15 years. Reducing paper waste is just one of the many advantages of printcom pudekang printing materials

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