The hottest man sexually assaulted a mentally reta

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A man sexually assaulted a mentally retarded woman who was falsely reported as robbed by her husband

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Zhang, a man in Gaogang, Taizhou, called the police and said he was robbed. The police of Taizhou medical high tech Zone revealed the dog blood plot through investigation: Zhang had a relationship with a mentally retarded woman in a roadside shed, and was bumped into and beaten by her husband. Zhang left in a panic before taking his clothes and electric cars. In order to give an account to his family, Zhang lied that he had been robbed. If he still had questions. At present, Zhang is under criminal detention on suspicion of rape

according to the police, at more than 7 p.m. two days ago, Taizhou 110 alarm service received an alarm. 3. The test piece was introduced to the public. Zhang, his son-in-law, was robbed on Taigao road. His clothes, clothes, and electric cars were all gone, and people were also injured. The police of Taizhou pharmaceutical high tech Zone Public Security Branch rushed to the scene to investigate the situation. At the same time, Anhui man Fang also called 110 to call the police and said that he had just caught a thief in his house, and the thief left his clothes, clothes and electric car and ran away. The police immediately informed Zhang to go to the police station to make report materials. The reason for this kind of phenomenon was that Zhang, a 30-year-old from Gaogang Dasi, now works in an enterprise in Taizhou high tech Zone. After work that evening, he rode an electric car to go to his fiancee's house for dinner. Zhang said that he passed by a remote path and was suddenly robbed by a masked man. He tried to resist, but was severely beaten by masked people, and was robbed of his clothes and electric car

the police checked the road monitoring mentioned by Zhang, but did not find any abnormalities. The police asked Fang again. Zhang finally confessed that he saw a 30-year-old woman waving to him at the gate of the shed when he passed a demolition site by electric car after work that evening. Zhang saw a good thing and took the initiative to "come to the door", so he went into the shed and had a relationship with the other party. At this time, the woman's husband Fang just came back. Seeing this behind the scenes, he caught Zhang and beat him violently. Zhang ignored dressing and cycling and ran away in a panic. Seeing that he could not explain to his family, he lied that he had been robbed. On the other hand, Fang also said that Zhang raped his wife with mental retardation

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