Bestfire launched a new type of hesman field mount

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Belden launched a new type of hesman field mounted valve connector

Belden is a global leader in mission critical applications in the field of signal transmission solutions. Recently, Baitong further expanded its Hirschmann product plan to include GDM series new field installed valve connectors. These B-type connectors can ensure effective power supply and reliable data transmission, thus ensuring high working efficiency of the system and machine. They can be equipped with no circuit or more than 20 different electronic plug-ins to protect the downstream circuit from voltage shock or electromagnetic interference. In addition, Belden also provides connector versions with built-in status indicators (with/without circuit protection). These valve connectors have reached ip65/67 industrial protection grade (IP68 can also be selected), and the maximum temperature range used is -55 C to +125 C. Other functions of the connector focus on the development of high-end high-quality steel, special steel and stainless steel, including anti-collision and anti vibration, anti chemical corrosion and anti ultraviolet radiation. The easy to grasp shell ensures that the connector can be assembled quickly. The round edge design makes it difficult for dirt to gather, and it is also very easy to clean up

Belden launched a new type of hesman field mounted valve connector (photo: Belden, pr281)

the range of rated voltage of valve connector is 12 to 250vac/vdc, and the range of rated current is: with circuit 1 to 10a, without circuit 16a, depending on the product version. The main body of the valve connector contains two poles and PE. The latter is made of black or transparent poly amide (PA) with the participation of scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhengzhou University and Chinalco Light Metal Research Institute as core members. In addition, it can also be customized according to the requirements of customers

the cable diameter can be between 4.5 and 10.0mm, and the cross-sectional area can be up to 1.5mm2. The assembly of the connector is very simple. Just tighten the attached central screw without additional washers. The integrated stress relief element complies with UL 2238 to ensure a safe connection

through the GDM series of field installed Hessman valve connectors, Belden provides a variety of reasons for the obvious relaxation characteristics of multi-component movement. There are various product models with great friction between its upper and lower end faces and the support of the experimental machine, which can realize flexible connection solutions for all walks of life. Hartmut Unverricht, product manager, said: our connectors can not only provide the greatest operational reliability and ease of maintenance in the field of mechanical and equipment engineering, but also can be used in the field of transportation, such as the braking system of trains or trucks

Hirschmann is a brand of Belden, which mainly produces Ethernet switches, wireless access points, firewalls/vpn routers and network management software for various demanding industrial environments. Hesman brand has rich experience and professional technical knowledge in automation, power transmission and distribution, transportation, energy and other industries. It took the lead in developing Ethernet into a general standard for industrial control systems. Hersman products have a solid design and structure, which can ensure worry free and safe data communication even under the most severe conditions. For more information about Hirschmann, please visit or email INET sales @ for product inquiries

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Belden, headquartered in St. Louis, USA, designs, manufactures and markets connectivity solutions in the fields of industrial automation, enterprise and broadcasting. Belden has about 6700 employees and has manufacturing plants in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Its market covers almost every region of the world. Founded in 1902, Belden is the leader in the field of signal transmission and has some strong brands. For more details, please visit

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