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Roland putekang environmental friendly printing materials help printing enterprises achieve sustainable production

does your production process meet the requirements of environmental protection? More and more customers choose printing manufacturers based on this standard. Manroland printcom pudekang printing materials especially meet the requirements of environmental protection and help printing manufacturers achieve sustainable production

first of all, specific cleaning agents and fountain solutions help to avoid pollution and waste, and save energy. A key feature of printcom pudekang printing materials is that they are environment-friendly. Their products are recognized by the national environmental protection, and the core precision component is the spindle; Certificate or meet the requirements of international environmental standards

please use alcohol free printing

calculated by volume, isopropanol (IPA) is the most important air pollutant in many printing companies. According to different applications, printcom pudekang printing materials has specially developed fountain solution additives for alcohol reducing or alcohol-free printing. Printcom pudekang fountain solution is used all over the world, which can meet the requirements of different water quality and meet the requirements of special conditions such as food packaging or strict microbial environment. However, in alcohol reducing or alcohol free printing, only fountain concentrate is not enough. Because this fountain solution is easily polluted, there is a need for a circulating device to keep the fountain solution clean. This requires that the filter device that is easy to install can not only delay the occurrence of pollution, but also extend the time interval for replacing the fountain solution and reduce the amount of fountain solution that needs to be discharged. In addition, the filter unit is equipped with a recyclable filter element, which will not produce waste due to the used filter

use less, get more

printcom pudekang printing materials at present "at present, there is still a long way to go to control external equipment through" idea "in the world. We are developing fountain solution additives that can greatly reduce the accumulation of paper powder and residual ink on rubber blanket, so rubber blanket no longer needs frequent cleaning. In addition to improving productivity, it can also reduce the discharge of cleaning agents and reduce cleaning waste. In most cases, rotary printing machines have more benefits in this regard. Ideally, the number of cleanings can be reduced by half. The saving potential lies in longer cleaning intervals and shorter cleaning time. The amount of solvent additive in the cleaning agent will affect the amount of cleaning mixture, which must be discharged after each cleaning. In principle, cleaning agents with high-performance additives can be used less than low-dose solvents to remove oil, grease and dirt. This is because the cleaning agent with high additives can spontaneously and stably combine with water, which is more tolerant, such as easily soluble printing ink, and the required cleaning agent can be reduced by more than 50%. In addition to the mandatory testing of printer compatibility and the certification of industrial safety regulations, tested cleaning agents such as printcom pudekang printing materials can fully provide excellent cleaning performance

the situation of varnish is similar

when the printing structure needs to change the ink frequently, the printing unit must be cleaned frequently. Before cleaning the ink roller, the printer usually uses ointment and then needs to remove it with ink roller cleaner. This process doubles the consumption of cleaning agent. Part of the residual liquid is wasted, and another part will volatilize, forming volatile organic compounds (VOC), which will pollute the working environment. The situation is similar when using varnish. Volatile isopropanol or a mixture of water and alcohol is usually used to clean varnish pipes, polishing plates and embossing rollers. In addition to the potential safety hazards caused by the low flash point of these materials, users are also exposed to strong lampblack. In the case of ink and varnish, water-based detergent and modified equipment are a very suitable choice. In addition to the ink conveying device, the candidate papers must have clear points of view, sufficient arguments, reliable data, smooth words, clear illustrations, clear photos. The liquid feeding pipeline and polishing drum cleaning equipment not only accelerate the cleaning process. Because it is a fully automatic equipment, the operation of cleaning the printing unit and polishing drum will undoubtedly be more friendly

in addition to printcom pudekang printing materials, Manroland provides many consumable solutions in line with environmental protection. These solutions are applicable to rotary printing system and flat printing system, as well as energy and heat recovery technology, or technology used to reduce paper waste and energy waste caused by mechanical friction. All these confirm that Manroland has made great contributions to sustainable green production

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