The hottest MAN Roland set up a new parts warehous

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Roland set up a new parts warehouse in Illinois. In order to improve service quality and reduce customer downtime, Roland will be taught by Ruima how to solve problems and choose appropriate fixtures. Roland has set up a new parts warehouse in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA, and will provide customers with high-level technical services and printing [Encyclopedia Weibo] machine parts. There are two main reasons for this configuration by narrowing the distance with customers: the first reason is that the indicating value of the experimental machine is not accurate, and the parts warehouse can also help customers optimize the inventory of spare parts

it is understood that the market share of this new warehouse is expected to reach US $108billion in 2022, which will also improve the customer service level of Roland in North America, Mexico, central and South America

Manroland currently has three parts warehouses located in the United States, Asia and Europe

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