The hottest man stole 30 cm cable. 19 trains in An

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The man stole 30 cm cable. 19 trains in Anhui Province were late.

Zhang, a man in Feidong, was in his 40s and was once sentenced for theft. However, after he was released from prison, he still did not repent and continued to steal. He stared at the cables near the railway station. A theft of cables near Wuhu East Railway Station led to the failure of railway signal equipment, causing 19 trains to experiment at a speed of 200mm/min late, with the longest delay of 384 minutes. Recently, Zhang was sentenced by the Hefei railway transportation court

at about 21:00 on December 29, 2017, Zhang, with wire cutters and other crime tools, climbed over the guardrail and climbed onto the viaduct of connecting line B of Wuhu east railway station, waiting for the opportunity to steal. At about 21:30, he cut about 30 cm of a certain type of railway signal cable in use from the slot fixed on the outside of the guardrail of the viaduct. It was found that he was using cables, and he fled the scene

the signal cable was cut, causing the failure of railway signal equipment, resulting in the delay of 19 railway passenger and freight trains. The trains were delayed for at least 24 minutes and at most 384 minutes. After being searched and repaired by railway staff, the fault was eliminated at 3:25 the next day and normal use was restored

the Hefei Railway Transportation Court held that Zhang cut the railway signal cable in the cable trough, causing more than ten passenger and freight trains to be delayed, destroying the railway transportation production, and bringing economic losses to the railway enterprises. His behavior constituted the crime of destroying production and operation. Zhang stole and cut the discarded railway communication cables, which constituted theft and should be punished for both crimes

recently, the court ruled that Zhang was sentenced to one year and two months in prison and fined 2000 yuan for the crime of sabotage of production and operation and theft. (Anhui business daily financial media Zhang Jian)

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: Wu Xiaowen

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