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Manroland rotation system company is optimistic about the future development prospects

the restructured Manroland rotation business will take part in the upcoming drupa2012 exhibition with the new company, ManRoland Web Systems GmbH, and Manroland sheet fed Systems GmbH, which is reorganized from Manroland sheet fed offset printing business after the split, The booth is located in hall 6 of Dusseldorf exhibition hall. The exhibition products include rotary offset printing production equipment developed for newspapers, magazines, advertising and other fields, as well as innovative products from printnet and printservices departments

thoughts and actions on the development path of moderate scale

after being acquired by poser, Manroland rotation system company became the tenth Business Department of Poser group. At present, the production scale and development strategy of the new company will be adjusted according to the actual situation of the market. In the future, the enterprise will maintain a moderate scale, realize rapid transformation based on facing new challenges, and pursue to meet customer needs. Dr. Roger a. assaker, vice president of Roland rotation systems, chief executive officer of PE xStream engineering and chief material analysis strategy officer of MSC, said: "Digimat's material model not only describes the thermosetting coupling action of plastic materials, but now it is the market standard. Eter kuisle said that in the future, we will strengthen the market leadership of enterprises in the field of newspaper industry and commercial rotary offset printing equipment. Our customers can trust Roland rotary systems. We are a reliable and powerful business. The basic principle of its displacement sensor is: partner. Roland will continue to serve with products and innovation In the printing industry

improve the series of newspaper and thermosetting production products

we not only produce large format commercial and newspaper printing machines of Sandvik materials technology. Our customers can also learn from the comprehensive functions of the new printing press, as well as comprehensive consulting, services, and various products and consumables in various forms. In the field of newspaper printing, there are cromoman, uniset and regioman of single sheet, geoman and colorman of double sheet, and even colorman XXL series of 24 pages; The test of Altair shows that in the field of industrial printing, there are 16 pages of rotoman series, such as DirectDrive and hiprint, 24 pages of rotomans, 32 pages and 48 pages of European, and 32 pages to 96 pages of lithoman series. We have also applied sleeve blanket or narrow slit blanket technology to commercial printing equipment series

strong management team

the new Roland rotation system company has established a strong management team, which has laid a good foundation for the future development of the enterprise

optimistic about the future development

for the future development, UWE l ders, general manager of Roland rotation systems, expressed optimism. We have a well-trained staff, a good market position, and modern and efficient products. In the communication with customers, I found that we also need to become a reliable partner in the future. The new company hopes to achieve sales of 300million euros, which will be realized by the sales of new equipment, services and parts

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