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Manroland decided to participate in the drupa printing exhibition in May, and the prospect of restructuring is optimistic.

from January 9 to 10, 2012, Mr. Arndt geiwitz, one of the temporary bankruptcy protection administrators of Manroland company, visited ManRoland Greater China, held a media meeting, and received interviews from dozens of printing and packaging media in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. At the meeting, Mr. geiwitz said that Manroland's restructuring prospects were optimistic and positive, and confirmed that Manroland would participate in the druba printing exhibition held in May to confirm whether the actual situation was consistent with the announced smelter and origin information. However, when the reinforcing sheet at the end of the sample is not firmly pasted,

gei related standards: Mr. Witz answered a question on the latest progress of bankruptcy protection and said that Manroland's current restructuring is progressing very smoothly. There are many interested and powerful investors from all over the world who are actively discussing the restructuring, which will accelerate the pace of Manroland's restructuring. The temporary bankruptcy protection management team will select the most suitable investors for MAN Roland to make MAN Roland's future better. For the development of Manroland's Greater China market, Mr. geiwitz also highly affirmed that China is a very important market, and the development speed is very fast. Among them, he is more optimistic about the development of the packaging market, and stressed that China has become an important driving force for market growth

it is reported that Mr. geiwitz came to China this time to meet some customers of Roland Greater China, held a staff meeting of Roland Greater China, and held a media meeting. This shows that the temporary bankruptcy protection administration team attaches importance to the Chinese market. At the same time, Mr. geiwitz positively passed on the latest process and confidence of restructuring to the customers, employees and the industry in Roland Greater China

Mr. geiwitz said that it was inconvenient to disclose the specific details of the restructuring discussion, but Mr. geiwitz said that in the future, whether MAN Roland's flat and rotating departments are independent or continue to merge together, although the restructuring cooperation plans are different, there will definitely be a good future for MAN Roland. He believes that after the reorganization, Manroland will have higher flexibility, faster feedback to the market, and smoother communication channels with both the company and the outside world, and firmly believes that Manroland will become a profitable and successful enterprise

in view of whether the market will have an impact on Greater China after the restructuring of Roland man, Mr. Yuan Zhineng, chairman of Roland man greater China, said that he had great confidence and expectations in the Chinese market, and Roland man-machine dialogue in China was intuitive and clear; China's market is very successful and has little impact on China. At the same time, Mr. Yuan Zhineng sincerely thanked the customers and media who cared about and supported Manroland, and said that he would continue to do a good job in engineering, service and other aspects

finally, Mr. geiwitz told the media very clearly that Roland will participate in the druba exhibition in May to show the industry the products, technologies and service solutions of the restructured Roland. However, the specific exhibition area and exhibition form have not been further disclosed, and these specific information will be announced later

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