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Roland Mann will fully participate in the 7th chinaprint2009

2009 is a year full of unknown and confusion, but also hidden opportunities and opportunities. It coincides with the 7th China print 2009, which will be held in Beijing from May 12 to 16, 2009. This exhibition will become an ice breaking journey for all printing manufacturers. They hope that by observing, learning and introducing advanced printing equipment and technology, they can constantly improve their competitiveness and strength, including packaging material suppliers, express delivery enterprises, e-commerce platforms and merchants, so as to establish their unique competitive advantages

adhering to the concept that we are printing and adhering to customer orientation, Roland will provide customers with a series of high-quality and advanced printing equipment to lead the era of value-added printing. Through the innovative value-added printing solutions developed by MAN Roland, which is an important weight for the rapid growth of Jiangsu Jinfa technology, printing manufacturers can achieve faster service, higher efficiency, better quality and wider application, so as to establish unique characteristics and establish their strong competitiveness

there are many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export. The unique booth design, the brand-new Roland image, the brand value of integrity, reliability, pioneering, firm position and inspiration, strive to become the best business cooperation, bear the goal of an important mission partner to guide the development of regional economic and Social Sciences, and be equipped with various advanced printing equipment and excellent services, With flexible and outstanding value-added printing solutions, Roland Mann is bound to become the focus of attention at this exhibition

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