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Manroland GB has entered the stage of voluntary liquidation of creditors

according to the administrator's latest financial report, the sheet fed and rotation departments of Manroland GB were sold for 645131 and 44120 pounds respectively. At present, the spring testing machines on the market are mainly divided into three categories. At the same time, the consumables Department was officially closed

pricewaterhousecooper (pricewaterhousecooper) reported that the sheet fed business unit of MAN Roland GB was sold to MAN Roland UK, which is owned by Langley holdings, for 645131 pounds on March 6

however, according to the data, Roland's UK sheet fed business unit still borrowed 522470 pounds at the time of sale, and the purchase price of 645131 pounds included this debt, which means that the price of Roland's UK sheet fed business unit at the time of sale was 112661 pounds

at the same time, Manroland GB rotation Department sold Manroland web systems owned by posehl group at a price of GBP 404.12 on March 9. The scope of sale includes the reputation, equipment, customer contracts, intellectual property rights and ongoing work owned by Manroland GB rotation department

it is reported that during the sale of these two departments, a total of 13 employees, including the consumables department that has been officially closed, were laid off. As for the reason for closing the consumables department, Roland Mann only said that he could not see the business prospect of consumables

relevant people said that now the company has entered the stage of voluntary liquidation of creditors, without any guarantee or preferred creditors

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