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Invensys upgrades distributed control system for Malaysian LNG plant recently, Invensys operation management (IOM) signed a contract worth US $12.4 million to upgrade and modernize the distributed control system (DCS) for Malaysian Liquefied Natural Gas Company Limited (mlng). This major upgrade will provide an timeless DCS to maintain the productivity and safety of mlng's LNG operations in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. The project is expected to be completed in 2014

Terence Chan, vice president and managing director of Invensys operations management ASEAN, Japan and Taiwan, said: Invensys has won this large and complex DCS migration project with superb technology, proven migration methods and in-depth project expertise, which we are very proud of. This upgrade is critical to helping mlng meet growing demand and realize its vision of world-class superior security and productivity

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for many years, mlng has been using fox Japan cleaning center operated and managed by Invensys to use plastic particles as raw materials for Boro i/a series DCS. The current contract requires that all mlng's existing distributed control systems be upgraded to the newer Foxboro i/a series cp270 mode. Cp270 DCS provides twice the capacity and three times the performance of the previous generation controller, improving cost-effectiveness in harsh environments. The new Foxboro series has fault tolerance and performance adjustment functions, logic, time and sequence control functions, as well as data acquisition, alarm detection and notification functions. This i/a series solution can provide the highest availability for any important control system in the process industry, and is designed for continuous business operation. Its fault-tolerant function is placed at all levels of the system, from process controllers to redundant field networks and Fieldbus modules

Medan Abdullah, managing director of mlng, said: with countries around the world actively using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a more environmentally friendly energy and the continuous demand of industrialized countries for reliable LNG access, LNG trading volume is expected to increase significantly in the next 10 years. We need an upgradeable and new generation DCS to help maintain our position as a major LNG manufacturer, reduce costs and help us maintain the safety and integrity of our operations. This upgrade will extend the life cycle of our plant control system, enable us to master the necessary methods for future technology improvement, and enable us to achieve excellent safety and productivity. So how to distinguish the bandwidth and sampling rate of a system

in addition to Foxboro i/a series DCS, mlng also uses Invensys' field instruments and advanced applications, such as SIMSCI esscor operator training simulation system and Triconex safety system

Bintulu LNG complex, including mlng, mlng phase II and mlng phase III, is one of the largest single site LNG production facilities in the world at present, with a comprehensive annual output of about 23million tons and supporting facilities including six LNG storage tanks and two loading docks

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