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Panyi technology announced the establishment of its Malaysian subsidiary

Panyi technology, a Taiwanese industrial computer company that has just been listed on the OTC market, produced aluminum body for Shanghai Vientiane Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in June, and announced the establishment of a new overseas base in Kuala Lumpur on the 27th. The Malaysian subsidiary of Panyi technology was delighted to open the ceremony to avoid affecting the accuracy of the experimental results, which showed the intention and determination of Panyi technology to actively expand the ASEAN market

Li Ming, chairman of Panyi technology, flew to Kuala Lumpur to attend the opening ceremony. Chairman Li Ming said in his speech: "The development of ASEAN market in recent years is amazing, and there are infinite business opportunities and development potential, so we choose Kuala Lumpur as another overseas stronghold. This is a very important step to enter ASEAN countries. We hope to help more staff solve the problem. At present, the governments of several ASEAN countries have strongly promoted their infrastructure construction, in addition to retaining the original basic industries of manufacturing and tourism, and actively added value to the service industry 。 This is a key time point for the development of ASEAN. We hope to give full play to Pan Yi's experience in automation and intelligent system construction, and take the Malay Peninsula as the starting point to attack the Indonesian and Middle East markets. ". According to the economist enterprise network, Malaysia ranks fourth in the best investment region, and with a share sale amount of up to US $76 billion, it has overtaken London to become the world's top six stock trading countries. Accordingly, chairman Li Ming pointed out that Malaysia has become an important business investment center in the Asia Pacific region and hopes to establish a strategic alliance cooperation platform and invest a lot of energy in research and development and manufacturing

Panyi technology headquarters is located in Zhonghe District, Xinbei city. Since its establishment in October 1993, it has been following the concept of innovation and people-oriented for 20 years, and by virtue of skilled R & D technology, rigorous manufacturing process and long-term supply capacity, it provides customers with complete solutions from boards to systems that meet the needs of various embedded applications. The solutions such as traffic monitoring, medical care, digital signage and inventory management exhibited at the opening reception were highly inquired. Shenzhen adopted an electronic measurement system to convert the deformation of force into electrical signals, which was highly praised by the on-site guests, and also won a good prize for the opening of the Malaysian subsidiary of Panyi technology

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