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Manroland has made concerted efforts to expand the global market

as we all know, Dalian printing, Manroland has been making unremitting efforts to expand the market share of its products. For Manroland, market share is the cornerstone of the company's development strategy. In order to achieve this goal, MAN Roland on the one hand continues to work with agents to establish a long-term cooperative alliance; On the other hand, Roland began to establish its own unique sales and service system in potential markets (such as Latin America). Coated paper printing

since the 1990s, Panyu printing, Roland has been devoted to building its own unique global sales and service organization. These measures make Manroland closer to users, and bring users the latest printing equipment and technology. Manroland's goal is to serve all enterprises and individual users wholeheartedly, bring them the latest breakthrough technology and all-round services, and strengthen the cooperative relationship with customers, so as to obtain new customers. Printing machine

since it has its unique sales and service system, printing graphic information processing, Roland's performance in the market has become even stronger. Recently, MAN Roland officially announced the termination of its sales and service contract with man Ferrostaal in Latin America, hoping to further consolidate its position in the market in the fierce competitive environment. Shenzhen business card printing

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