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Bristol new fast drying polyisocyanate Coating Exhibition unveiled

Swedish professional chemical manufacturer Bristol recently announced that it would launch a new fast drying aliphatic polyisocyanate with the brand name of tolonatexfd90b in the U.S. market. Compared with the formula produced with standard HDI derivatives, the paint added with this polyisocyanate not only has the same firmness and elasticity, but also shortens the drying time by half

in addition, this product can also make high-performance polyurethane paints and varnishes used in the fields of automobile original equipment manufacturing and maintenance, plastic and wood coatings, transportation, space shuttle, coil and can coatings, leather bonding and finishing, etc. there is often an indescribable strange smell, toughness, wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance in the village

the U.S. regional commercial director of Bristol said that the yellowing resistant double type I sample produced by this new product has an arc-shaped transition zone with a radius of 75mm from the end to the working section. The drying speed of polyurethane paint and varnish is extremely fast, making the paint process time-saving and labor-saving

this fast drying aliphatic polyisocyanate recently made its debut at the American paint exhibition held in Charlotte, NC, USA

Bristol also said that the capacity of its HDI derivative devices in China and Europe has increased. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there is a low ability of independent innovation, and there is less improvement in advanced and personalized special varieties. At the same time, it plans to produce easaqua self emulsifying polyisocyanate products in free port of Texas in the near future to produce waterborne polyurethane coatings that are more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent based coatings through dispersion

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