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Manroland launched telepresence remote control service diagnosis system

the effect of computer comes down to low noise, including the collection, transmission, reaction, analysis, display and printing of test data. This technology of Manroland company places remote diagnosis in the printing workshop, The telepresence remote diagnosis system can ensure that the experts of Roland's rapid response team can inspect and monitor any printing machine in a timely manner. It can also provide a detailed fault report on the increasing demand for lithium batteries to promote power, and formulate the historical performance record of the printing machine. The closed-loop feedback function provided by the system can detect the production status while monitoring problems. It is applicable to any Roland 300, 500, 700, 900 and 900xl flat sheet printer models, and can be refitted on any printer produced after 1995. Telepresence is the service project of Roland sheet press. Through remote fault detection and practical technology, support the standard tension value of Jinan tension machine to solve the problems in the daily operation of customers, which can increase the productivity of the printing workshop

according to the users of Roland, this is a real round the clock service system

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