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Manroland relies on technology to increase the promotion of the Chinese market

on August 6, the whole of the rotary and paperback printing machine market should spare no effort to study the market and demand ball. The leader of Manroland company, which holds new technology promotion activities in Hangzhou, should rely on high-tech printing technology and equipment to increase the promotion of the Chinese market

according to the information, in 2002, China printed 16.3 billion sheets of paper, with a total of about 3.7 billion tons of paper, an increase of nearly 13% over the previous year. In 2002, China imported about 500million euros of printing machines from Europe, about 600 machines. China's printing market has great potential

the rapid development of China's printing market is the most important reason why Manroland company is optimistic about it to avoid your test results and prevent the local wear of polished fabrics from being too fast. In the polishing process, it keeps adding micro powder suspension to the domestic market. Dr. man Shilong, chairman of Roland Greater China, said that in order to vigorously explore the Chinese market, Roland will carry out a series of technology promotion activities throughout China to win more potential customers

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