Besto and PTT jointly establish TDI joint venture

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Bristol and PTT jointly established a TDI joint venture

Sweden's leading chemical manufacturer to improve inspection quality. Bristol and PTT global chemical plan to establish a joint venture to produce and sell TDI and aliphatic isocyanate (IPDI, HDI derivatives) products

the joint venture will include the "paint additives" business department of the former Bristol group, whose origins are in France and the United States. PTT and Bristol account for 51% and 49% of the shares respectively

the joint venture plans to invest in new production equipment to increase production capacity and further expand the polyurethane market. The joint venture will strengthen R & D and improve operational efficiency to further enhance competitiveness and increase market return

isocyanate is used as curing agent of coatings and raw material of elastomers and foam products. Foam products are mainly used for mattresses, bedding and packaging, while TDI is the raw material of foam. HDI derivatives are mainly used in the fields of automobile, device maintenance, (coatingol has overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protective devices), plastic wood coatings, transportation, aviation, leather and adhesives

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