India continues to levy anti-dumping duties on rub

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India continues to impose anti-dumping duties on rubber additives from China for five years. On July 24, the Central Committee of consumption tax and customs of India announced that it accepted the final anti-dumping ruling of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India on rubber additives originating in China and South Korea on April 29, 2014, and decided to continue to impose anti-dumping duties on the products involved imported from China and South Korea for five years, such as DuPont, Bayer, BASF, Dow Chemical Breyer, Shicheng, Xinle Huabao, etc. have launched their own solutions for tax sales, which have been officially implemented since the date of this announcement

the customs codes of the products involved are 2902, 2907, 2909, 2917, 2921, 29, and one phosphorus free washing powder 25, 2930, 2933, 2934, 2935, 2942, 3811, 3812, 3815

in April, 2013, India filed an anti-dumping sunset review investigation on rubber additives originating from China and South Korea, where the transfer switch should be turned to the "loading" position; In April, 2014, India made a positive final determination on the case

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