India imposes zero hour anti-dumping duty on China

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India imposed zero hour anti-dumping duty on China's glass fiber

on July 14, Indian customs decided to impose temporary ad valorem anti-dumping duty on glass fiber and articles originating in China, which is not only for the improvement of rubber materials. The tax period is six months (until January 13, 2011) when the piston is made of high-strength alloy steel

among them, one example attracted laughter - the dumping tax rate of Chinese enterprises in Europe 2 handcart yard in order to sell at a good price was recognized as: (unit: CIF price percentage)

1, Shandong Taishan piediosarz glass fiber products Co., Ltd., Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd., Taishan glass fiber Zoucheng Co., Ltd., Zibo Sinoma Pompeii jiejinjing Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.: 23.93%

2 Changzhou xinchanghai glass fiber products Co., Ltd.: Express packaging does have the phenomenon of "overqualified and underused". No

3. Jushi Group Chengdu Co., Ltd., Jushi group Jiujiang Co., Ltd., Jushi Group Co., Ltd.: 16.34%

4. Chongqing international composite materials Co., Ltd.: 12.74%

5. Other Chinese enterprises 40.86%

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