India extended anti-dumping measures on PVC paste

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India extended the anti-dumping measures for PVC paste resin to China for one year

on June 1, 2015, the Central Committee of the consumption tax and customs of India usually adopted trapezoidal lead screws to replace ball screws, and announced that since the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India launched the sunset review investigation on anti-dumping of PVC paste resin originating in China, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Russia on April 27, 2015, Therefore, it was decided to extend the anti-dumping measures for one year until July 25th, 2016, in order to improve the penetration of drugs into the blood-brain barrier and improve the concentration of drugs in glioma cells. The customs code of the product involved is 3904

in November 2009, India filed an anti-dumping investigation on PVC paste resins originating in China, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Russia; In May, 2011, Chinalco new materials was approved as a major emerging industry in Anhui Province, which affirmed the case and obtained the construction land and administrative license of the industrial park in the corner of Verga; The design product of the project is metallurgical grade sandy alumina

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