Accuracy grade and calculation of the hottest dyna

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Dynamic balance accuracy grade and calculation

simplified calculation formula of Unbalance:

m=9549mg/r × N

m -- rotor mass unit (kg)

g -- accuracy grade selection

r -- correction radius unit (mm)

n -- working speed unit of workpiece (RPM)

m -- unbalance qualified quantity unit (g)

reasonable selection of balance accuracy grade:

accuracy grade gmm/s rotor type example g630630630 crankshaft drive of marine diesel engine rigidly installed; Rigid installation of large four stroke engine crankshaft drive. G250250 is a crankshaft drive of a rigidly mounted high-speed four cylinder diesel engine. G100100 crankshaft drive for six cylinder and multi cylinder diesel engines. Complete engines (gasoline and diesel) for automobiles, trucks and locomotives. G4040 automobile wheel, hoop wheel, wheel integrity; The reporter of the Shanghai Certification Press for cars, trucks and locomotives learned about the crankshaft drive parts of the motive in the industry. G1616 parts of crushers and agricultural machinery; Individual parts of (gasoline, diesel) engines for automobiles, trucks and locomotives. G6.36.3 combustion will produce water gas and steam turbines, including the rigid turbine generator rotor of the main turbine of sea going ships (merchant ships); Turbine supercharger; Machine tool driving parts; Medium and large motor rotors with special requirements; Small motor rotor; Regardless of the specific materials, the requirements of the same index are adopted. The output of the sensor directly reflects the change of the experimental load, which is reasonable for the turbopump. G2.52.5 gears of main turbines of seagoing ships (merchant ships); Impeller of centrifugal separator and pump; Fan; Rotor components of aviation gas turbine; free wheel; General parts of machine tools; Common motor rotor; Individual parts of the engine with special requirements. G11 tape recorder and phonograph driver; Grinding machine driving parts; Small armature with special requirements. G0.40.4 main and grinding wheels, armature and gyroscope of precision grinder. (end)

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