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Emergency treatment technology for faults of agricultural locomotives

when the locomotive cannot be repaired due to parts damage during driving, the manipulator can take some emergency treatment measures to enable the vehicle to run to the repair place of 210f/g, and then replace or repair it

(1) if there is a crack or sand hole in the metal oil pipe, the fracture can be cut off. Find a plastic pipe with appropriate inner diameter and a certain tightness (preferably a new one) and connect it, and tie both ends with fine iron wire; You can also temporarily apply soap or tie adhesive tape to the oil leakage

(2) the method of patching adhesive tape layer by layer can be used for the rupture of oil pump diaphragm; Or cut oilcloth, plastic film, etc. into pieces and clip them into the diaphragm for use. If the gap between the inner rocker arm and the outer rocker arm of the oil transfer pump is too large, the iron sheet, iron wire or cotter pin can be filled in the gap and tied firmly with fine iron wire

(3) when the valve spring is broken, the two broken springs can be adjusted to make the broken stubbles opposite each other, and then they can be installed and reused; If it is broken into multiple sections, loosen the valve clearance adjusting screw to close the valve and cut off the oil supply to the cylinder so that it no longer works

(4) if the fan belt is broken, drill a small hole at both ends of the original fan belt stubble, and connect it with thick iron wire for temporary use; Several strands of rope can also be twisted into one to replace the fan belt. The rope head should be clamped in the middle, and then tied firmly with iron wire

(5) the fan blade is broken. If only one piece is broken, the piece opposite to the piece can be removed to maintain the smooth operation of the fan. If the fan blade is seriously damaged, it can be replaced by the domestic fan blade and installed on the fan support reversely

(6) if the water leakage of the water bulkhead on the cylinder head is caused by the looseness of the water bulkhead, use a flat iron bar to hold the protruding part of the water bulkhead tightly, and then hit it with a hammer for several times to tighten it; If it is caused by corrosion and perforation, glue and thick cloth can be used to paste it layer by layer

(7) when the radiator leaks into and out of the water hose, it can be wrapped with adhesive tape or cloth coated with soap liquid, and then tied tightly with iron wire or string. When the rupture is serious, the hose can be removed, the broken section can be cut off, and the appropriate bamboo pipe or string can be used to tie it tightly; When there are holes in the water supply chamber and water discharge chamber of the radiator, multi-layer adhesive tape can be pasted or all-purpose glue can be used to stop the leakage, or cotton and wood blocks can be used to block and bind tightly; When there is slight water leakage in the copper pipe of the radiator, it can be blocked with soap; When the water leakage is serious, the leaking copper pipe can be pinched to make it no longer leak

(8) when the copper gasket hardens and leaks oil, the copper gasket can be burned red in the fire, and then cooled quickly to soften the copper strip before reinstallation

(9) the gear of the starter engages with the gear ring of the flywheel, loosen the fixing bolt of the starter by a few buckles, place the shift lever in the neutral position, and rotate the crankshaft with the starting handle to loosen the engaged gear

(10) if the single cell of the battery is damaged, the damaged single cell can be jumpered with metal objects such as iron wire to separate the damaged cell

the crude oil processing volume of Maozhan refining and chemical base will reach 35million tons/year and ethylene 2million tons/year

(11) the tie rod ball pin is broken. Remove the broken pin and replace it with a bolt with the same length as the ball pin. If the height of one end of the bolt with hexagon head is not enough, shims can be added. After installing the steering knuckle arm and nut, rivet the exposed part of the bolt tightly

(12) if the leaf spring is broken, place a large wooden block between the leaf spring, axle and frame, and tie it tightly with iron wire or rope to slow down with the increasing amount of polyurethane

(13) when the hydraulic brake master cylinder is short of brake fluid, alcohol or Baijiu can be used to replace it. When necessary, soapy water can be used to replace it. However, after returning to the warehouse, the brake pump should be cleaned immediately and the brake fluid should be replaced

(14) when the engine is short of engine oil, non vehicle engine oil with similar viscosity can be added to obtain good effect, and canola oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil or castor oil can also be used to replace it

(15) if the tire valve core leaks slowly, apply a layer of grease on the raw valve first, and then install it on the valve

(16) if the tire is stabbed by crop stubble, if the stubble is stuck on the tire, do not pull it out temporarily, and deal with it after returning to the repair department

(17) the horn capacitor is short circuited, and the capacitor connected in parallel with the horn contact is short circuited, which can be cut off

(18) the thermostat fails. After the thermostat fails, the water tank is easy to boil. Remove the thermostat and block the small circulation hole

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