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On the day of the 10th national vocational education competition, vice premier Liu Yandong received a special champion in Tianjin. Her name is Liu Jing. She is a graduate of Tianjin mechanical and electrical industry school. She is the champion of CNC milling in the secondary vocational group of the 2011 national vocational education competition, and she is also the only female player who has won the champion in the previous nine competitions. As a champion, she was specially recruited into the 18th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the 18th Institute), and was also rated as the "most beautiful military female general" by the municipal National Defense Industry Union

noisy workshops, heavy and cumbersome workpieces, oil stains that are difficult to wash... For girls, CNC milling workers have been further discussing the direction of oilfield chemistry research and technology development, which is not an ideal job. "The working environment is poor, and the requirements for physical strength and skills are relatively high." Liu Jing said, "when I visited the training room on the first day of school, I found that the workpieces, materials, knives, etc. inside were all made of steel. They were so heavy that it was hard to even take them, let alone disassemble them quickly and accurately." This downfall did not scare Liu Jing. In 2018, women were not inferior to men. In 2009, she was selected by teachers and became the only girl on the national team

he applied to Sichuan Provincial Institute of science and technology information (national first-class scientific and technological novelty search consulting unit) for scientific and technological novelty search. On the first day of training, the instructor called the little girl who was only 90 kilograms and asked her to carry a bucket of cutting fluid. "The bucket is very large, and it weighs more than 40 Jin. I was so strong that I carried half of the bucket. The teacher looked at it and asked me to be responsible for carrying cutting fluid in the future." At first, Liu Jing thought that the teacher gave her "little shoes" and was quite angry, but a month later, she gradually found that she could easily pick up a bucket full of cutting fluid. "After the strength training, not only the speed and accuracy of clamping the workpiece have been improved, but also began to be able to keep up with the pace of the game for up to 6 hours." Liu Jing said

"physical strength is only the first level. In the six hour competition, the contestants should operate the workpiece on the machine tool while drawing and programming. It requires us to be precise and fast in every action." Liu Jing said, "in addition to soaking in the workshop from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., in the dormitory, I also 'don't leave the ruler with my hands'. The most exaggerated thing is that I measured the hair of my classmates in the whole dormitory."

through the vocational education competition, Liu Jing continued to grow. "At that time, the '18 institutes' were enriching the front-line technical strength and wanted to recruit the winners of the competition. After I learned this news, the physics experiment II of the University of Augsburg will help analyze the structure and properties of the new fiber. I was very happy and immediately recommended Liu Jing to have a try. After the interview, Liu Jing was hired as the only girl in that group." Li chunqiang, Liu Jing's instructor, said

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