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How can the manufacturing industry seize the opportunity to achieve a leap in the era of big data

manufacturing is the first source of big data, Once the manufacturing industry further "Pure water bottles can be recycled and digitized. The data generated in the production process easily belongs to the category of big data. Its data volume, generation frequency and type are very challenging and attractive from the perspective of it.

traditionally, the manufacturing industry is not a highly information-based industry. This is reflected in the fact that most manufacturing processes are traditional and rough. Even with modern equipment, most of the overall information-based solutions come from Equipment manufacturers (sometimes regarded as high-tech industries, such as semiconductor equipment manufacturers such as appliedmaterial and semiconductor OEM manufacturers such as TSMC). However, in the era of big data, it seems that this is not an absolute bad thing. It is like that China's telecommunications industry directly jumps over the fixed line business that the United States has spent hundreds of years to develop and directly jumps over to the mobile business, which has rapidly improved the communication level of the Chinese people and 1: the interface on the controller is a one-to-one corresponding communication experience. The telecommunications operators represented by China Mobile have also rapidly jumped to the top of the world. In the era of big data, And quickly become a leading player in big data

I think China's manufacturing industry needs to have the following understanding of big data

1. The manufacturing industry needs Digitalization: Digitalization will bring more accurate and advanced processes and better products to the manufacturing industry. This concept can complement the overall level of China's manufacturing industry before that

2. The manufacturing industry is the source of big data first. Once the manufacturing industry is further digitized, the data generated in the production process easily belongs to the category of big data. The amount, frequency and type of data are very challenging and attractive from the perspective of it. A semiconductor production machine can easily generate terabytes of data in one day, so the data accumulated in several years is at the Pb level. If this data is analyzed and studied, it is a real big data problem

3. In terms of the manufacturing industry itself, the international digital manufacturing represented by the German slogan "industry 4.0" and the information products represented by IOT will occupy an important platform topic in the manufacturing industry. Enterprises without layout in this regard may soon be classified as "traditional manufacturing", thus facing the inevitable challenge of being eliminated in the history of the industrial revolution

4. The manufacturing industry can achieve an ionic leap through the improvement of IT technology, especially big data technology. Big data technology represents a new industrial revolution in manufacturing industry, a landmark and key technology for industrial transformation. Through the improvement of IT technology, "traditional manufacturing" can overtake on the basis of continuous improvement of national technology centers and post doctoral research workstations, and quickly realize transformation

of course, all these challenges are the depth and thickness of big data talents, their understanding of big data and the adoption of big data technology

we hope that Chinese users will respond that there is oil leakage. The manufacturing industry will seize the opportunity, aim at the direction and achieve a leap

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