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How to seize the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing

Abstract: in the past 40 years, China's manufacturing industry has been almost blank. With rapid development, it now accounts for 82 trillion yuan, accounting for 30% of GDP. It has become a core industry to enhance GDP. In terms of quantity, China's manufacturing industry accounts for more than 25% of the world

"there are many opportunities for intelligent manufacturing. The key is to seize high-end equipment and future intelligent systems, develop in an ecological mode, and benefit the whole industry chain in a base mode." Recently, at the "Zhihui Xiangjiang · science and technology innovation new area" scientific and technological achievements transformation and "rainbow in the new area" - special roadshow of high-end intelligent equipment held by Xiangjiang fund Town, Li Zexiang, a professor of Hong Kong University of science and technology and a leading figure in the robot industry, freely talked about the views of intelligent manufacturing leading industrial change

intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of "made in China 2025" and an important path to realize the transformation of China's manufacturing industry from big to strong. In recent years, focusing on the implementation of "made in China 2025" to build a strong manufacturing province, Changsha has made every effort to build a "national intelligent manufacturing center" and formed a "Changsha model" to promote intelligent manufacturing, which has been fully affirmed by the Ministry of industry and information technology

as a native of Hunan, Li Zexiang is best known for incubating a Dajiang innovative UAV company worth more than 10billion US dollars. Besides early investors, he is also the teacher of Wang Tao, the founder and CEO of Dajiang. As a professor of the Hong Kong University of science and technology, Li Zexiang is constantly practicing a unique business incubation path

while expressing his vision for the bright future of the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry, Li Zexiang stressed that talents are the key to achieving breakthroughs for Changsha. "How to cultivate talents for future industries? Of course, it is to create an incubation and entrepreneurship platform for them, that is, an ecosystem."

Li Zexiang believes that in the future, artificial intelligence technology will further promote the deep integration of related technologies, emerging technologies and emerging industries, promote a new round of information technology revolution, and become a new fulcrum for the transformation and upgrading of China's economic structure

when intelligent manufacturing reshapes the industrial chain, how should Changsha stand at the "tuyere" and achieve flying? Li Zexiang gave the answer

where are the intelligent manufacturing opportunities

seize the three major industries of equipment, industrial robots and chips

according to Li Zexiang's analysis, in the past 40 years, China's manufacturing industry has been almost blank. With rapid development, it now accounts for 82trillion yuan, accounting for a full share of P30% of GDP. It has become a core industry to enhance GDP. In terms of quantity, China's manufacturing industry accounts for more than 25% of the world. "We can see that 'quantity' is no longer a problem. The key is quality. This is also the most important driving force for China's manufacturing industry in the next 10 years." Li Zexiang said

as of 2017, China's GDP totaled US $11.2 trillion and the US GDP totaled US $18.57 trillion. According to Li Zexiang, "if we can maintain a growth rate four points higher than that of the United States and focus on the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, in 10 years, China's GDP will form a key intersection with that of the United States, and then China will become the world's largest economy."

Li Zexiang believes that to become the "world's largest economy", we should firmly grasp the three core industries, namely, equipment industry, industrial robot and chip industry

"with the development of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, the importance of the equipment manufacturing industry is becoming more and more important. If it only accounts for 20% of the manufacturing industry, the GDP will be $1.2 trillion in added value. If the high-end equipment manufacturing industry can increase to 30% of the capacity, it will also form a market of 2.4 trillion yuan!" Li Zexiang said that the equipment industry covers core functional components, high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, electronic sub packaging manufacturing equipment and other sub sectors. As long as we start from these sub sectors, there are huge opportunities in each sector, and its added value is at least 10trillion RMB

Li Zexiang sighed, "Every small part may be a huge industry. Although the encoder, reducer and guide rail seem insignificant, the domestic high-end equipment needs to be imported. Secondly, in the high-end machine tool industry, the industry's top technology still comes from Japan, Germany and Switzerland, and China is still unable to conquer these mountains. This ceiling after ceiling is where our opportunities lie. As long as we can overcome them, The domestic market capacity will far exceed that of the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries combined. "

when it comes to the industrial robot industry, Li Zexiang is a leader in the industry

his students shijinbo and yuchunhua founded the robot company Liqun automation. In april2016, he completed the round B investment of tens of millions of dollars. The annual sales of ultra wedge mouth local stress far exceeded the yield strength of the material by more than 20million yuan. It is learned that Li Qun automation was founded in 2011, focusing on small, lightweight and high-performance industrial robots. It has launched a variety of products, including Apollo series parallel robots, Artemis series and Athena series SCARA robots. It is a well-known entrepreneurship project in the field of small and light industrial robots. In 2013, Li Qun launched the first all-in-one parallel robot in the world, leading the industry for 4 years. In 2017, Liqun automation has reached an annual output of 120000 robots. Li Zexiang said that although this figure is insignificant compared with the market scale in China, he predicted that there would be 10 times more room for the growth of Liqun automated robots in the future, and it would be very simple to achieve an annual output of 1million sets in the future

turning to the chip industry, Li Zexiang analyzed that the global chip industry reaches 400billion yuan every year, and China consumes nearly 60%. The equipment required for chip manufacturing is an "important treasure". China has a huge automobile lightweight in the field of chip production equipment for back-end sub packaging, detection, leading and other functional devices, and there are also opportunities directly related to energy conservation and emission reduction

Li Zexiang has great confidence in China's high-end manufacturing industry. He firmly believes that when we master the core technologies such as intelligent equipment, artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning, the manufacturing mode and business model of the entire manufacturing industry will undergo earth shaking changes, and intelligent factories, intelligent workshops and customer customization will be common phenomena

extension and development of terminal field

industrial robots have great prospects

with the application of interconnection, every person has an intelligence. Many people think that the terminal market has been filled up and there is no more opportunity. Where will the next huge application market appear? What form will it take

according to Li Zexiang, the answer is robot. "There are various forms of robots, including robots with various solutions such as UAV, automatic driving, intelligent engineering machinery and smart home. Moreover, the form of these products will no longer be a single variety, but a variety can reach hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of billions of yuan."

according to Li Zexiang, intelligent manufacturing has three levels. The first is the future era of intelligent chips and sensors connected with IOT and big data, the second is the era of intelligent equipment and intelligent manufacturing, and the third is the era of artificial intelligence. "The markets at these three levels are very huge. When these fields are integrated and intersected with life sciences, we will produce product forms that we have never seen before. They include intelligent terminals for the consumer market, intelligent transportation and intelligent logistics systems for logistics and transportation, intelligent agriculture and intelligent environmental protection for agriculture and environmental protection. They also have a profound impact on sports, families, urban communities, medical treatment, education and other fields, These revolutions and influences will be subversive! "

Li Zexiang recalled that Yidong technology, founded by his student panzongliang, has created a "water Tesla" by linking the engine with water sports. The products have been successfully introduced to developed regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and have obtained tens of millions of level a financing with the participation of clear water bay fund and Sequoia Capital

another project led by Li Zexiang, Changsha intelligent driving Research Institute (CIDI) is committed to artificial intelligence technology oriented, focusing on the research and development of intelligent driving automobile technology and products, and the application and promotion of logistics express vehicles. Focusing on the core technology of intelligent driving, the company, from the perspective of the whole industrial chain, simultaneously develops derivatives of intelligent transportation, automatic unloading, new energy and intelligent manufacturing

"when the container is intelligentized, our logistics cost will be greatly reduced. Not only on land, we will also promote intelligentization to the maritime and aviation fields." Li Zexiang introduced

create an entrepreneurial ecosystem

let talents create industrial value

over the years, through Gugao, Dajiang and Liqun automation, Li Zexiang wants to systematically summarize the problems encountered in the development process of various companies, the things he has learned and the roads he has traveled, and hopes to provide a platform for more young people to avoid detours and pay less tuition fees when starting a business

"I often say that there are many opportunities in the intelligent manufacturing industry, but the most important thing is to need talents to promote the development of this industry." Li Zexiang said that the robotics College of Hunan University and Changsha Robotics Research Institute are both incubation platforms for the intelligent manufacturing industry in Changsha

2016, with the support of Changsha Municipal Party committee and government, Li Zexiang returned to Hunan to build an incubation platform for Changsha Robotics Research Institute

the robotics College of Hunan University is a talent training and reserve plan that Li Zexiang began to plan before establishing the Changsha Intelligent Robotics Research Institute, which aims to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing and equipment industry in Changsha and surrounding areas. With the strong support of the president of Huu, the teachers of each college who participated in the construction of the robotics college sorted out a new talent training curriculum system after more than a year of discussion with Li Zexiang and learning from the experience resources of famous foreign schools, and enrolled the first batch of students in september2017

as early as working in the Hong Kong University of science and technology, Li Zexiang has changed the students who were trained by the university to be able to develop new products and explore new markets by exploring some new courses. With the help of these courses, we have cultivated a group of entrepreneurs and created a company with influence both at home and abroad

it is worth mentioning that these start-ups under the guidance or leadership of Li Zexiang have formed an interaction and created a small ecosystem - the core components of gurun, the equipment of Li Qun, the terminal of Dajiang and the terminal of escape are complementary and coordinated

"Shenzhen has the most complete manufacturing industry chain in the world. When we were based in Shenzhen, we combined the exploration of educating and cultivating talents with Shenzhen's industry. We are also building such an ecosystem step by step in Changsha's Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and Huda Robotics Institute." Li Zexiang introduced

in recent years, in order to help more young people realize their dreams, Li Zexiang has built a robot industry base and an incubator. Many young people have been attracted from Hong Kong, the mainland and all over the world. Li Zexiang said that as long as they have ideas, we will sort them out for him, provide him with the support of various parts, talents, industrial chains, angel funds, and entrepreneurship counseling, and help him step by step to achieve his goal

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